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  1. i agree, no boxes for free players, and limited boxes for vip player... either box needs to have vip, or there has to be some distinction for lvl of vip...
  2. so, is it confirmed? that ppl with VIP got queued too? then it will be queued according to tier of vip? D: got vip 1, wait in queue D:
  3. i wonder if there will be any official response to this.. its insane... im slow in finding right numbers in that PIN table...
  4. and any official info? cause as far as i can tell the quests are not completely same...
  5. hello ppl, is there possible to go with custom sysmesssages(could use some cool one, if u ppl got it :D)? colourfol chat with dmg etc, also how about some patches? like nude for example is it allowed, or nope?
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