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  1. 1 computer = 1 account

    i agree, no boxes for free players, and limited boxes for vip player... either box needs to have vip, or there has to be some distinction for lvl of vip...
  2. i think u all get trolled
  3. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    it maybe depends on server
  4. Solution: 'Client will be closed'

    so, is it confirmed? that ppl with VIP got queued too? then it will be queued according to tier of vip? D: got vip 1, wait in queue D:
  5. Bishop - Cleric Healing with and without spiritshots

    imho only blessed ones should increase effect.
  6. i wonder if there will be any official response to this.. its insane... im slow in finding right numbers in that PIN table...
  7. 20~25 EXP-Adena Quests

    and any official info? cause as far as i can tell the quests are not completely same...
  8. custom interface

    hello ppl, is there possible to go with custom sysmesssages(could use some cool one, if u ppl got it :D)? colourfol chat with dmg etc, also how about some patches? like nude for example is it allowed, or nope?
  9. 0 VIP - 0 box 4 VIP - 1 box

    im up for it too, want boxes? pay for it.