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  1. Is no point. Everyone have the same bug.
  2. Let's start here: no. This fuction is not viable. Eventually, returning items like "Bounded items" we had on Awakening MIGHT do the job, but even there, they were removed for a reason, to create and have market. Bounding items to 1 toon once opened really makes it worthless. Now the problem is not the system of the drops, we ALWAYS had it working this way, the issue is: players. Altho people was RMTing even in the past, here on Essence/Aden it became ALL about it, i don't understand wth is going on. Like literally any item will be 99% of the times sold out with RMT...we get one drop and
  3. They never announced time zones. We were going Cadmus when we had no clue about time zones...then when we logged we noticed that there was 2 servers only, one gmt+1 and one gmt-5...so it was easy to decide where to go.
  4. Randoms probably. We went to Elcadia for the GMT. Also again...there wont be any merge on servers as they have different GMTs and they NEVER merged servers of this kind. 1 EU gmt and 1 NA gmt. Stop. Even if they were to open 1 more server, it will merge with Elcadia or BlackBird depending on the new server GMT. There's no merge between those "core servers".
  5. It's not about patch notes, it's about the guy reading incorrect items. He linked on the screen that he dropped "orcish treasure", yet from wiki he linked the "king orc trasure"...which is the "top version" of the box...ofc it'd be incorrect. If you check the one i linked above, you will see why he got 30 HP pots.
  6. https://dev.l2central.info/essence/items/92988.html Read carefully.
  7. This is the system. War system is long gone. The one you see here is named Hostility. Basically it's upper bullshit that Koreans created to prove the world once again they are not able to use their brain for anything but cashgrab. And also the reason why a lot of newbies on Aden thinks we are PKing randoms. Some of us do, but 99% of our "PK" are on war tags. Sadly, you get karma any time you kill an enemy here. REEEEEASON why most of us run around PK 24/7 ^^"
  8. Also thanks for proving again you can't elaborate things cause you probably miss brain. You killed Skeith on TOI when you had melissas and i didn't, then i revenged on you on DV and you died 1v1, you could burst through melissas of a dagger 78 with C grade and aden dagger. So you are so OP to 3 shot an SE full gear but you die to a C grade dagger, SSS-tier logic.
  9. Thanks for the screenshot, took a while but it's gonna be usefull for my video, i was waiting for this!
  10. Yeah you are trash. 44 kills and 61 deaths. And all those kills you do are on AFKs. If you want i can start and PK all afks i found so i can get some PVP and get to 150+ kills and 28 deaths but...where's the fun? ROFL. Contest us and get wiped.
  11. You don't have to cause there's nothing to post, clown. I appreciate you lying over and over about me when you managed to die even against my dagger lv 78 when you was 81. GG mate, keep lying!
  12. Also please stop thinking you make any difference in this server cause you only makes us laugh. Waveride, the pvp player that: kills only afks and bsoe on sight from actives. He manages to die 3vs1. If he sees Innis he don't even fight, he bsoe. Or teleport away: do you remember that time outside of TOI when you ported, saw me and tried to run away? That was fun. Or the time where Serbeza was running from JustDance, you started a fight 2vs1 and the moment i got closer to you, you insta bsoed? Damn i can't wait for publishing the new video, i should skip activities and post it
  13. Please, as always, show me proofs. Give me names, post screens or anything else. I'll be waiting Go on! Keep lying more. 120 people? Not even during siege we got over 90 people in CC. Our average is 40-60. But ofc it's better to lie to urself and throw there random numbers. And you cry about invinting scrubs when you have people quitting clan to try free farm EVERYDAY like Miha who now left clan AGAIN. And GetNaked who pretend he quitting while we know he's rerolling to tyrant. Guess what? He asked for clan invite from that tyrant. Be carefull what you say or peop
  14. You really can't blame @Chocapic001 for not being smart at all. I mean, if he says "1 guy is bot, that's 100% true", yet he keep saying that about me and i have no program at all. Who does have a program tho is Naurax0s, the tyrant from his own ally. The guy have 3 healers on him that are not healing. Then, if you start hitting the tyrant, healers will spam heals nonstop cause he's lower than a certain % of HPs. If the % is high enough, healers will stop and wont heal anymore. Also one of his toons named "Kleopatra" or "Cleopatra", can't recall which one, was XPing in war
  15. That's not the kind of "thousands and thousands" of euros people claim. People here think we got super-duper p2w items when there's none. Items are limited, it's all luck. It is true tho that you can get adenas but that was not worth it at all. At some points the l1000 to (example) magic tablet trade was 1 box x 2 tablets. Totally not worth the trade. NOW you can see it becoming worth cause l1000s are going 3-4kk+ so. But yeah i can totally see ur points, but i'm still 100% sure they are crying for another reason, not for that. You can see you have no clue what you are tal
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