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  1. Could you please NOT share the random rate of each item of the Harvest Pouch, so I can forget about what I am saying and keep not playing at all. Thank you very much. (I know they will never share the rate of each item so, just regular mf expressing my sadness)
  2. hahaha nice example! Yes, I guess I went too far. To keep it simple, it still just a game.
  3. As we play form different countries, humans has different way of perceiving ethic. So.. it's abount common sence, altruism vs selfishness based on ethic. You can be right, he can also be right. In my case, I play in the game the same way I am in real life, if I need to be selfish to be rich, I prefer not to be. I've been making a LOT of friends by not being selfish, and If I need anything, there is many many people that would give me anything I need. I just don't ask for it, because I don't need anything. For example: Is it okay to buy ALL vegetables from a local store?
  4. @Hime, you locked the 10k-l2 giveaway forum on the october 29, and @Sunshine said that the winners would be announced on that same day. But WHERE? Could you please tell me where did NCSoft posted the winners of the giveaway? Because Id didn't found on the forum itself. Thanks. The winners will be selected and announced on Friday, October 29 and we will apply the code to the account tied to their forum name no later than Monday, November 1. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23417-spooky-raid-boss-forums-giveaway-–-win-10k-l2-coin/
  5. Okay, if you hover the mouse on the list you can understand better (it's not said on the patch notes, only on the interface): (it means, the dye should be Lv. 1 or higher, to apply those things, which also means, you need dye powder to enchant it. I tried to compaund 2 dyes, but they're RED, I don't know if I have to buy 10 to try or something. I just don't know hot to get it lvl 1 or higher). I hope it helps. Still don't know what you meant.
  6. Okay, I only read the patch notes once, I will read 10 more times, and I recommend you to read it at least 10 times, it's not very will documented, but it should be all there. If there is something missing, we should open a ticket. Well.. It says "Activated when having a Dye lvl 1 or higher". I have equiped a Lv. 0 dye. That's probably the problem. On the patch notes it says: "From Stage 3, the following stat bonus options are added according to the dye types." https://www.lineage2.com/news/battle-chronicle-patch-notes Let's have fun readig it
  7. I was wrong**** It heals up to 10, the 10 most injured, starting for the most injured. It doesn't even say anything about healing more, nor about the ammount. It only says it's a "Great amount of HP".
  8. I believed you guys, but now I am not so sure, because NCSoft dont gave a sh*** about this post. If they don't care at all, I wonder, is it really a bug ? Can you guys tell me WHERE DID YOU READ about the 30%? Because I don't have a healer, and from the book description, there is nothing about 30%. From the books description, it heals up to 10 targets, and the MOST injuried gets more heal. But there is nothing about the ammount not 30%. Can you send us a picture, where did you find the 30%?
  9. That's the meta Aden. What if you want to go off meta to lvl up in places you can not wihtout a tanky pet? (for example)
  10. @Sunshineby not saying the rate of it, looks like a scam. "there is a low chance". For me, low chance is 10%. But what if the low chance is 0.5% ? Or 0.0003% ? I would NEVER even try. So, by hiding the information of the rates, we are compelled to try something that we wouls NEVER even try. That's how scams work I guess.
  11. They probably copy and paste translated from corean or something, because it is just unbeliavable, every single time, there is a whole lot of issues with the information.
  12. Those will not be deleted, but make sure to check them after the update, we never know what they might do. I am allways skeptic. (if you're talking about those items bellow, not the tiger neckace, forget about this one )
  13. https://www.lineage2.com/news/halloween-festival-returns @Sunshine
  14. @SunshineCan you please confirm what is this Spellbook: "Spellbook: Holy Ray" from the halloween festival box reward, I am pretty sure, like 100% sure that it is WRONG. It doesnt make sense AT all, like why in EARTH would I want a healer spell book? It should be the second transofmration, not "Holy Ray".. If you can confirm and put the correct spellbook, I would appreciate.
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