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  1. i would rather pay a monthly fee to play this game than deal with the bots and ncsoft's apathy to real players.
  2. we can't prove who is buying adena. we can see them in their OP gear and all the money they throw around but we can't prove they bought adena to do that. they are just as guilty as the adena sellers and the bots. ncsoft doesn't care. if ncsoft cared this problem would not be as rampant as it has been for the entire 15 years ncsoft has had lineage 2 online. obvious ncsoft loves bots and adena sellers much more than it cares about legit people

    who spends money on L2? real people, right? server population right now is way outta wack, 10:1 bots to live players. bots spend money on L2? NCSfot wants money? why do they allow bots? makes no sense. they want money they should keep their live players happy. they aren't doing that. regularly doing the dark judge quest to get rid of PK points.. so many bots, so little time. so much wasted time. too many bots everywhere and no monsters to kill.
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    still no word from admin, four days this goes on. typical! perhaps someone should start reporting NCWest and NCSoft to authority agencies as a scam business. if any other business treated customers the way NCSoft / NCWest does they wouldn't stay in business... they are quick to take the money yet they don't support or interact with their customers. send them a ticket about this and you get a canned response, a generic copy/past wad of twaddle that says nothing and means less. Better Business Bureau would never give a good rating on a company like this. there are other agencies that would likely be more than happy to investigate bad business management and practices that cause harm to paying customers. if NCSoft thinks they can duck out of their responsibility by claiming a "Free to Play" environment, it won't work that way. making items available for real money spent constitutes transactions and required support. products provided for customers' hard-earned cash are not being delivered - i.e., VIP status accounts being unable to log in. WHERE IS A RESPONSE FROM NCSOFT? today is day four and ........... nothing? if everyone stops giving them money they'll fix it! boycott all ncoin sales and adena purchases. people thinking that spending more will make a difference don't understand the only difference it will make is to NCSoft's bottom line at quarter end. just sayin....
  5. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    How much input do you really need to improve the quality of the game? Old forums deleted.... how many suggestions were made there that were never answered? One of the biggest things NCSoft can do to improve the quality of the game for future updates is pay attention to ALL of the suggestions that have been previously and continue to be made by your players. Until you do that and demonstrate not just a willingness to listen but a willingness to implement changes for the life of the game and the good of your player base then I'm afraid the players' faith in NCSoft's genuine interest in what they say will continue to waver.
  6. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    New players are being discouraged from starting L2. New players cannot type to anyone until lvl76. there are no academy benefits for new players. this update absolutely discourages any growth for L2 and is, i believe, the beginning of its ultimate demise. The new clan hall and fortress system absolutely takes away from the younger, smaller clans' ability to take and maintain them. the strengthening of the fortresses and clan halls enables only the older, stronger clans to take them and those clans do not need the benefits of the siegable clan halls and fortresses as much as the younger clans need them. this update injures the younger, smaller clans by limiting their ability to grow. this update discourages clan growth. Drops from mobs and bosses continues to be a serious problem in the "new" L2. everything is geared toward spending real money that not everyone has in order to progress in the game. please give back an ability to work hard and earn items and adena in the game. The dwarven race was made obsolete a long time ago. give them back their power to spoil and craft and make some money. spoil rates have dropped so low it is pointless to even create a dwarven character. personally i am extremely disappointed in the direction L2 has gone. it is no longer about the player base, it is about ncsoft's bottom line on the quarterly financial reports. while i understand the necessity for a company to be profitable is it not also necessary to keep a happy player base in order to continue an uptrend in profits? without your player base ncsoft is nothing. isn't it time to start giving back to your players and make L2 more new-player friendly? to give back to the younger, smaller clans so they can grow and keep L2 alive? or... don't give back and kill this game. because at this rate it is a matter of time before your servers are empty of all but your high donators. and when they no longer have smaller, weaker, poorer clans to bully, they too will leave. i view Salvation Chapter 1 as another step closer to the death of L2.