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  1. So,before i read some negative comments about the prices let me clarify something..I spend like 36 hours of non stop trading between major cities with 3 shops buying blades for 130-150k each.Guess at this point very few people are farming on the orc.However..i already have an offer in game for 2.5mil..so i will put it for sale at 3.2mil.Thanks! IGN:Pipu
  2. Looking to buy Elven/Dark Elven/Gastraphetes Bow or Mid-High 1h Blunt/Sword Please pm me ingame "Pipu Thanks!
  3. Learn to READ sometimes .. i know they are working on it , but the question is how such a big issue was missed in first place..
  4. Okay so let me clarify..this is not another post about complaining for adena/spoil/drop rates,i have waited silently over a week now and hoping NCsoft team will do their job and make us enjoy this game like we did long,long time ago.That being said,all i do care about right now and which doesn't make any sense for me is the freaking 200 exp per 28-30 level mobs.I mean .. one of my favorite zones (Windy hill) is broken.I wont ask to be fixed , i know it will be .. but NCSOFT how is that even possible to not be addressed so far!?14 Years Old Game .. your GAME..that was all i wanted to say .. exc
  5. WTS/T Bagh-Nakh(D)> 350k or 1H Blunt/Pole/Sword ..pm ingame "Pipu or leave a comment,thanks!
  6. Even 0.5% as a bonus is something when you hunt for hours.Anyway if its matter of most damage and last hit i am ok with that because my buffer doesn't hit the monster at all.Was just curious if i lose the bonus if i am in a party with novip.
  7. I'am curious how this works , i mean i have VIP4 my main and novip on my buffer.When i am in party with novip do i loose certain % of that bonus drop?
  8. I do have 26 more on my alt account , is there any way to transfer the NC Coins?
  9. I don't have the money to buy more.Is that really the case ? Now i wont have the VIP4 because of 4 coins that i cannot just ignore?
  10. Anyone have an idea how can i add them as spent ? Thanks in advice!
  11. Ima was going for HE+PP but just decided to go Spoil+PP only for teh fun >,<
  12. PR is like glasscannons , they hit harder than HE , but they are weaker in defences.HE is better overall choice for classic launch if you ask me..
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