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  1. Shield or Sigil for ISS?

    I'm a Sigel Phoenix Knight on my main and Iss Sword Muse on my dual. Both classes have Shield Mastery so I don't bother in switching weapons keeping a sword and shield at all times.
  2. Nickname story

    My real name is Javier, it starts with the letter Jay (J), and in spanish that would be Jota which is also my real life nickname. It is very common, I guess I was lucky enough to have it in-game at Chronos and in forums.
  3. When trying to view the Fan Creation subforum you get the following message: Submitting this as a bug report as I don't see why it should be blocked.
  4. Advanced Aria's Bracelet

    Ah! That's it, I'm missing the faction level. Thank you!
  5. What NPC do I need to talk with to upgrade my Aria's Bracelet into Advanced Aria's Bracelet? As far as I know it's the NPC "Black Cat" at Hunter's Village, but it's not giving me such option.
  6. Prestige Pack

    I also have the Prestige Pack subscription and just noticed this, I hope it gets revamped soon.
  7. +18+19+20 CLOAKS

    Nice one man! With 40000 NCoin (500 USD) I was only able to get a Legendary Elmore Cloak at +4, I was lucky with the Legendary Scrolls, converted it at the fifth one but in the other hand with the enchants... I got it four times at +9, never made it to +10.
  8. New forums awareness

    Hello! I just found today about the new forums, I had no idea about it. To promote awareness I suggest to put the "New Forum URL" topic located at the "News & Announcements" board of the old forums as a sticky at the top its section. Also some kind of text announcement at the top of the whole old forums would be nice. @Hime, tagging you since you have the authority.