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  1. (GIRAN) CP LF BD & TANK 45+

  2. Hello, We are International Archers CP with many years of experience, focused on PVP later on. Our playtime is 20-24 gmt+1 Atm Our setup is (49-56 lvl): 3 Archers(PR's) Warcrayer Elven Elder Bishop Swordsinger SK - lvling We are looking for Bladedancer and Tank 45+ We are all VIP4 atm, and we prefer rest of our CP as that BUT if You dont have VIP4 dont worry and PM us also, we are opened for all. If You wanna have some fun with us, send a PM here and we can talk about stuff.
  3. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Im totally agree with Dhol. Juji you are saying about balance issues but in my opinion you are getting it much worse with max +5 dyes. I hope you will reply us with answers.
  4. An Update on Greater Dyes

    Beleaua you are right this is boost for mages and really big nerf for fighters especcialy for destors and archers... And ye, problem with dyes was in bug section, why there was solution for this "we will fix it" now you are saying " This is the intended maximum stat bonus for our Classic servers, and we are currently not considering raising the cap due to major concerns with balance issues that were found in other service regions. " @Juji Why are you writing now about this? When its game changing thing.