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  1. Being a casher and paying tons of money to them you sponsor this disrespectful treatment so i don't have any appreciation for you. If you stopped paying all at once maybe the treatment would change but you are all addicted so you won't stop, and Hime/Juji won't respond as always.
  2. Wanted to give this game a chance after 4 years but with the same @Hime and whole team "we don't care about you" treatment of players it was a bad idea. He/She was already like this 4 years ago and nothing changed, much worser team than in GW2 (strangely also NCSoft game).
  3. Can't login in 10 hours, tried 2 minutes ago, still "Client will be closed", no chance to play.
  4. I don't know for what are you waiting guys. I already left after next P2W event. Idk how Conguero and Hime can not feel ashamed by working in such company as NCWest. I currently try to play in offical Innova servers. NC West won't change anything until you stop paying completely, which will not happen because half of you are game-addicts, paying 500 dollars for some pixel weapon. You are all responsible for this game's downfall with your acceptance of P2W politics. Be responsible and play this "truly free to login" game or leave as i did. Lineage 2 was literally the o
  5. The problem is that you didn't respond to any questions you wanted in salvation feedback thread...
  6. Nice. Another Pay to win event despite major negative feedback of salvation update. Good job NCWest.
  7. Jesus half of store in this inventory. Is it even funny to be living credit card?
  8. Using Embryo baits and $$$ rods is indication that you are not real l2 player and you need helping yourself with wallet to play. Shame. Shame. Shame.
  9. Here is your respectful treatment for paying tons of money to their pockets - Moderators and developers won't even respond to your questions and pleads. This game is destined to fall this way. They lost half of population with cloak events, NC West has finantial problems and probably they will shut down this game in 2018.
  10. You basically deleted half of Korean update, everything that made this game little less dependant on money. In your greedyness, you destroyed the population with Cloaks event, which even made youtube l2 streamers to quit, you didn't made any free event for christmas like Freya event or something. You don't reply to players posts about it. How do you want us to believe that you will change anything, if you failed us so many times? How do you expect us to believe you if you can't solve botting problems in 6 years?
  11. When will Freya event starts? All people at Naia mad at NCWest for sucking money out with cloaks and 1st time in history skipping this event for christmas. We got nothing for christmas for free.
  12. Focus better on your main tasks in game.
  13. For the first time ever playing mmorpg's, i saw no free gifts for players for christmas. Good job NC Soft. Half of servers botting, no gms in game... Sell your souls too i propose.
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