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  1. @Hime @Juji I'm not sure if I understand it correctly, but does this mean that the Adena drop rate is (only) increased by 50-150%? Or is that number true only for drops?
  2. Have you ever read any books on payment models as to regarding to games? Have you ever studied game design for years to actually form an intelligent opinion? OR are you just throwing "your opinion" without even thinking about it? To answer your question: The value of free players in F2P games is TREMENDOUS. Every company wants them, some even more than paying players. Now you could ask "but why"? - Free players motivate paying players to pay more -> get ahead of the curve - Free players with lots of time challenge paying players, generating a healthy environment - Free players
  3. Remember, you can easily claim your money back from your bank with no issues whatsoever. Just ring them, they will not care about the reasoning, but still just use the words Scam and false advertisement.
  4. It IS a crisis, because the server will be dead in 2 weeks, guaranteed. I want to enjoy it while it lasts
  5. Meanwhile @Juji and @Hime booking a 5 star all inclusive hotel on Tahiti for 6 months from the blood and tears of all the donators. Cuz sure as hell they aint working.
  6. 1. You literally can't log in if you don't pay for VIP. I would rather have subscription then this "scamscription", where they will probably let you in sometimes next week, cuz you have not played yet. 2. You can't afford SS without donating. For all the "hardcore" "fans", sure if there was no SS in NCStore and the adena rate was still the same, I would say ok. But right now it's clear P2W. Would you honestly win a 1v1 or 9v9 where one side has no ss, the other side has ss? Nope. Also there is PLENTY of empirical proof of the adena drop rate not matching either classic OR the "old" C1 rat
  7. Yeah but how do I know which one is bugged? eg. the SS quest gives you normal SS instead of Spiritshot when you chose Spiritshot
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering which quests are working that give BSS and armor, weapon OR ADENA as reward. The newbie quest for example only gives normal SS for some reason regardless the class?
  9. Okay I gave it 10 hours of waiting, I'm out. 10 HOURS delay. amazing
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