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  1. defines "needs to"! A refund? LOL this is not walmart and the manager is not around either....
  2. How do you even expect a proper answer when the question is not clear?
  3. how can you possibly complain after all the changes they did so you, the f2p players can actually play the game? make a couple of toons (bd/arbalesters) to farm you adena as every player does, its a rather simple concept. Mages have ALWAYS been an expensive class to play, blessed shots were always pricy. You cannot have it all and to be more precise, you cant have it all for free! Improvise - adapt - overcome!
  4. what he is trying to say is that maybe a more "generic" reward could be there. (or he looked in similar past events from other servers which are similar) a reward like that would be more appropriate in a spell-book event.
  5. dont try it then. 10% is too high for these kind of rewards. if this was 1%, I would be surprised!
  6. D elf has the second highest Dex... what are you talking about?
  7. did you play a class with full gear and all the spellbooks or you reached lv76 with all the free gear and then stopped?
  8. if they wanna kill you, they will anyway
  9. up to 105 you are good to go, at 105 you need to decide how much money you gonna spend, $50-500 will get you good xp in phantasmal till 110. general rule, hunt mobs 3-5 lvls lower than you by the time you get 110, you need to have around 1500-2000 worth of gear to progress further, if you are a tyrr maybe 1200-1500. If you do not plan on spending anything on a server that has 17 years worth of progress then do not even bother.
  10. same thing happened last time when loot boxes were in store cuz elcadia reset before maintenance
  11. The Newbie Growth Kit from launch has been added back to the L2Store. You can only the Newbie Kit if you have not already claimed it before in the past.
  12. correct and that also applies on both servers, you can claim a kit on Blackbird but cant claim it on elcadia
  13. so why is no1 cheering up?? you got free ore/cookies/scroll for the f2p players...
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