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  1. not if you have NM boots and gloves, then you do not need 500's
  2. how do you enjoy the olympiad? I am sorry but this has to be the most random post ever, so you are telling me that you want to play and spend 50 euros per month, to play on a cross server content with people that spend 500€ per month for 30 minutes per day, with a limit of 5 games per day. Basically, you want to get 1shot, 5 times a day for 5 days! and then on the weekend just relax and come back on monday for the same thing to happen. Why? Oly is THE MOST RANDOM thing in Essence, yes it is good to have a goal and all, but you picked the worst! for real. 50€ will get you nowhere, e
  3. but you can have 2 live, 3 classic and 5 aden at the same it if you open them in that order.
  4. those who play L2 know whats next... nothing new there
  5. how many years have you played on official and how many on non official servers?
  6. i just did not want to hurt peoples feelings and used an exotic car as an example. But the concept is the same, if you cant afford it, stay the fk away from it. Plain and simple.
  7. you can still play the game, like up until now with what is available people can still farm up to ToI 4, DV, do solo raids and so on. The ways to make money*: Hunt Atingos , sell pets Solo Raids , sel evo stones and aden soul crystals Clan Dungeon, sell all the drops that you get from there. The problem is not that you cannot "afford" to buy stuff, you are simply doing it wrong. *Get a group of people together and play the game, ignore money and other issues that you may have and at some point you will be able to buy things with in game currency. Well besides Sayhas.
  8. guys its simple! Ferrari sells cars right? It a nice car, fast but it has a price! If you can afford it, you can buy it. Will you ever send an email telling them what their prices are too high or that you have a different currency? It is the exact same thing with L2, it is a game that you need to pay to progress. Sure a lot of people cannot afford to by every box, myself included but that is not a reason to complain about, figure it out! Noone is forcing you to go to your pc every single day and log in L2. That is your choice.
  9. if you cant kill there or if you do not XP there, simply ignore it and move on with your day, its simple as that, if you see this as an investment then the return may not be that great for you, but for those that can farm there, its just a bonus. Do you enter the daily dungeon for the 10 soulshot tickets/3 cookies and 50 ore? no you go in there for the XP and the craft points, the rest is just bonus.
  10. are you gonna pay sayhas for all those accounts?
  11. they have no obligation to do so. The only time that you have to is if your company is based on EU since there is a legislation that forces you to post the numbers, now if you sell your product on EU countries but your company is not based within the EU there is a loophole that can be used to avoid posting them. You are not gonna get them numbers!
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