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  1. As the title says, It feels like we need 3 times the normal amount of exp from 55 to 56. Something ain't right! please take a look at it.
  2. well they did say you are allowed to use Razor Synapse ( which is a third party software)
  3. Serious what is wrong with you guys?? you complain about them removing free teleport. They realized it was a bad idea to remove it, they want to keep us satishfied, so they add it back. And now you guys complain cause they have to bring down the servers for 1 hour. Secondly Classic doesn't stand for Hardcore.
  4. Yes this guide is indeed made for classic EU, it only doesnt support the Spoil/adena/ exp rate for NA server. yet the mobs are the same. (it was an example to show you how they are ) So once again this is intended!
  5. Doom knights are supposed to be like this, they don't drop anything. they give double exp. Do some research before you complain about something that is intended to be like this. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Doom_Knight
  6. Bump @Juji Have you checked it out alrdy? i hear more ppl complaining about it ingame.
  7. Learn to read ;x This is the intended maximum stat bonus for our Classic servers, and we are currently not considering raising the cap due to major concerns with balance issues that were found in other service regions.
  8. Be more clear please... you want to buy a claymore ? if so, tell me your ingame name. I am selling a claymore for 2kk.
  9. it's just Aden as long as Giran is fine, np
  10. I suggest to higher the minimum level of fishing. Right now you need to be level 20 to be able to fish, it's not difficult at all to make a toon level 20. I suggest to change the minimum level to 40! Most people wont level a toon all the way to 40 just for fishing. I am 99% sure this will solve a huge amount of the current queue problems. @Hime @Juji https://strawpoll.com/16wha6r2
  11. There's nothing to fix, spellbooks are meant to have this low chance of dropping. spend few more weeks and you might find the right book. Welcome to classic.
  12. welcome to classic, this wont be changed. and stun does break when you attack (it has a chance to break)
  13. there's nothing to fix, it's meant to be like this.
  14. It's a fact that the Adena rate aint correct for 40+ We make the same amount of adena as you make from 1 to 40. if you really think that's normal... then there is something wrong with you. i get between 140-220 adena per mob at 47.
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