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  1. I have experimented with manner mode on/off and only thing that returns this to normal is to only run a single client. When I stop 2nd client of game the adena returns to normal behavior.
  2. I am in Plains of Lizardman level 76 area but not very crowded yet, although I do have Manner mode on. When I restart my client adena will begin being picked up again for a while. But I went to sleep and can tell from other notices within the chat window that adena only was picked up for a short time then it stopped again. I was running 2 clients simultaneously as additional info and 2nd client had same behavior. It received adena for a short time then stopped.
  3. I'm playing on North American server Elcadia and no adena is dropping even with full Sayha. I have confirmed this with a new character and account which no is level 56 with only 111 adena from selling a few low level drops.
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