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  1. Why is NCSoft spawning MOBS 65+ in the Catacombs+Necropolises... and leaving HUGE GAPS in the Open Field MAPS, CLASSIC means EVERY spot on the MAP should have MOBS!
  2. Unsealing a Pendant

    http://boards.lineage2.com/showpost.php?p=3549527&postcount=2 Sealed Pendants are obtained by exchanging 1 stat Hair accessories, and can only be used for Crafting 2 stat Hair accessory Boxes(random stat A + random stat B when you open the box) you need in your Inventory 1 clean applicable Hair accessory(check AH for which hats can have 2 stats), 2 Sealed Pendants, 1350 R-Crystals, and 170 Gemstone R. Then when you talk to Eeny(Talking Island) or Moe(Giran) choose the next to last option on their first Dialogue screen "Can I exchange 2 sealed pendants for a 2-option pendant?" any applicable clean Hair accessory will show on the trade screen(and required items will be shown beside it when you select one)
  3. Drop chance/market economy

    Right after Grand Crusade Launch I got a Seraph Earring drop in Seal of Shillien(I was amazed... it had been years since my last decent drop) Reset Dual Class just before Salvation and I got Requiem Caster Drop in Altar of Evil just a few days after update ... I've used up my luck till 2020!!
  4. Color Title (Pack)

    Thnx, your explanation helped... I think they need to update the Galleria page, the Restrictions and Description: #2 should be reworded to "Able to add a title without being in a clan or Noblesse." because it sounds like you can use /nick after using Color Title item(without clan/Noblesse).
  5. Color Title (Pack)

    How much of the Information about the Color Title (Pack) is still accurate? 1. is it even in a pack anymore? 2. Color Title item is drop-able 3. Color Title item is trade-able 4. Color Title item is Dimensional(shared on 1 account) 5. Is Color Title item still indestructible? 6. Color Title item can be stored in a private Warehouse 7. Color Title item can not be stored in a clan Warehouse 8. Can you use /nick command without clan or noblesse?(or just the item use interface 1-time... until you join a level 3+ clan, or get noblesse) (if you leave the level 3+ clan without noblesse do you keep title, or just the color) http://store.lineage2.com/store/detail?goodsNo=214211&categoryPath=1_3
  6. epic quest failed....

    There are 2 factors which can help this part of the 7-Signs Epic quest: 1. if you do it on your un-awakened Main class with a Mentor(all buffs get deleted when you enter EXCEPT Mentor Buffs) and 2. wear REAL/Tradeable DOOM Light Armor set(Recipe and all Mats are purchasable from NPC); the +3Dex helps(+3 Dex Hat is useless for this transformation tho, as are dyes)... but sometimes you still need to run into 1 guard on purpose, to adjust his pattern so you can get by his group next try.
  7. still like some Extra Old Stock from time to time....
  8. Nickname story

    My "Bunny Hunter" is named R48817(Rabbit in 1337 speak).
  9. war system

    You prefer to PVP AFK Macro toons?
  10. How do i get a pet wolf?

    they got some help already Another topic ...
  11. Spirit ore ??

    You can buy them at Grocer Merchant at any town(cheaper at Light Castle Towns... look for Proclaimer next to Gatekeeper) select buy consumables and minerals from options and they are about halfway down(need to scroll down 1-2 lines)
  12. Chat problem

    ur welcome
  13. Chat problem

    Under Level 76 you can only use Party/Clan chat or reply if someone PMs you first(can only mail someone on your friends list) at 76 you can use general white chat, and you can PM/mail anyone(unless they /block you), at 85 you can use !shout/+trade channels and after reaching 94 you can use &Global chat 3x per day(increased when completing Exalted Quests)
  14. Neutrality

    If Net neutrality is not maintained it should only affect $$ Paid Advertising $$ services like Net Flix vs. Crackle or YouTube vs. DailyMotion... possibly Retail sites like eBay vs. Amazon(Your ISP would optimize your connection to whichever service offered the biggest kickback and throttle any competitor's sevice) It's highly unlikely to affect individual games but possibly it could eventually affect game services like XBOX Live vs. Play Station Network.
  15. How do i get more hp?

    ur welcome