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  1. There's a limit of 3 clients running per computer. Boxing is not only allowed but encouraged by the game's design
  2. Hello again! Now we've added JP to the list of tests! Please pay attention to the conclusions! (This test wasn't conducted by me) A few points to consider before reading any further: JP had a VIP level of 0 during the test. JP completed the quests after drinking Adventurer's starting potions. The Test Goals and Test Format are the same as NA and EU and so I won't repeat those portions here, only the findings from the JP test. Same XP as NA/EU on Gremlins. Same XP as NA on VIP 0 but the adena drop is almost double and even higher than EU's!
  3. Even with VIP drop rates are pretty bad. On the spoil test that had bonuses of VIP3 and you can see it didn't really manage to drop anything from the monster even after killing it 30 times.
  4. NA was actually able to buy 10 BSS not 9. Full test: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/319666259
  5. I'll be streaming live testing later today on my twitch channel since some of you are doubting the findings of these small tests. https://www.twitch.tv/mayareinhartz I'll repeat the experiment but this time with Human Mystics to completely remove over-hit out of the action. Can do spoils again too. The Highlight with the test from beginning to end will be posted here.
  6. LOL. I have a sense of humor. I spent 30$ on a Chronicle Pack here and I ain't going anywhere until the month is over and by then I hope to god we have a decent Classic experience. I'd very much prefer not paying for subs for my boxes and indulging myself in cosmetics / runes. If I wanted to be playing on EU I would, I have my own issues with it *COUGH*UNBEATABLE CONTENT*COUGH* . Repeat the test results and you will wield similar results. Nothing in here has been tempered with. Sorry for looking out for all of us and wanting a better server. Like I said before in this serve
  7. Only a monthly fee. I too was perfectly fine with paying for XP boosts and cosmetics. Thought I'd be making decisions like "Oh... The prophet is close to 58. Gonna put a 7 days rune on it and focus on leveling it this week." or "OH MY GOD NEW HAT". Silly me
  8. Start a human mage. Do the level 2 newbie quest and get a Wand as a reward. Give it to your Warrior. (Blunt Weapon, 17 P. Atk same as Sword) Fight monsters by stunning them first and finishing them off with autos/damage skills. Try to farm monsters that are linked to quests that give you an adena reward, at this early game you want to save as much money as possible so make sure to /unstuck instead of SoE and you'll be able to farm while spending chats and profiting a small amount. That's about it for me, I also wear robes on the Warrior to have a higher MP pool until my MP drain
  9. For this test the monster Goblin Brigand was killed roughly around 30 times by both NA and EU. This time NA had a VIP 3 bonus. XP in EU was doubled for some kills because of the level 5 100% XP/SP rune. The characters were level 12 dwarves. Here are the results
  10. You know that people can only use the terms "1.0" "1.5" because of the RU/EU versions right? That not comparing them to NA is the weirdest thing you can do as a player of this game. If you wanna settle for mediocrity by all means burn your soul away at the current game and play devil's advocate for a company that can only tell us "I'll talk to the devs".
  11. The issue is that even if you pay you don't get a much better experience. I would be okay with a lot of this if VIP3/4 changed much. But it really doesn't!
  12. The other regions have a much different VIP system though. This is from the Japanese servers. You can see that the item drop rate is DRAMATICALLY increased with their maxed out perk giving a whooping +250% drop rate.
  13. 2€ for the first month of any new account. 10€ for a month after or 25€ for 3 months. Nobody, but when you launch the game under the same name assumptions are going to be made. Specially when a considerable number of players migrates from EU to NA only to find that they made an uninformed decision and even spent money on it. Lineage 2 has always been consistent across western regions, with us basically picking servers due to politics/server location rather than an entire different game for each.
  14. It's not though. Classic in Korea and Japan is updated with small patches every now and then, the only place that had these 1.0 1.5 patches has been RU/EU(under the same publisher). We have features that came from the newest update(Daily Quests that award million XP scrolls via the Missions) indicating that this is not an old build. You put too much faith into NCSOFT. Comparing this community to the ones from other games... We just never see the developers personally acknowledge our concerns. We need intermediaries(publishers) that are in touch with them rather than having a glo
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