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  1. Hi, I have an SPS lv 49. And I'm suffering from the mana. Ill level up a SE as my first box. But I don't know which another box I could make to have better levelling and/or farm experience. Ill still playing as SPS as main because I love that class on PVP. Although it is suffered. What do you suggest guys?
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    No news about drop rates for this Wednesday, I'll keep playing other games less L2. GG NcSoftwest! Sincerely. Pieri!
  3. Why do you keep playing here?

    I stop playing activelly in this server. Im Pieri, Clan Lead from Gladiators in L2C Aden Server. Ill not invest my dollars and time in a server who not retribute ur inversion of time or money. Maybe some day if ncsoft west reconsider your bad decitions ill come back to play again in this server.
  4. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    I got wasted 30 USD in the chronicle started pack for nothing and will not buy anything of Ll2 store if the admins do not fix the drop rates after lv 40 permanently for all zones. React guys! @Hime @Juji All the people in this forums are demanding better drops rate, all all the items in l2 store and the status of the server are not satisfying that need. If u keep this posture will loose many players and a unhappy player/user will not buy anything of ur store and will not recomend ur server to anyone!!!!
  5. One month after.... Ill keep waiting for some improvement before come back to play this game and server actively.
  6. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Is time to start posting in social networks?. I ll do that if i see Ncsoft delete some of my posts.
  7. Provisional Clan Halls aren't In.

    Well, but i remember Juji promise in the prelaunching streaming the provissionals clan hall will be enabled from the start. Has passed 10 days and i dont se any news about this issue in the changes log from the lastests maintenenace updates. Are many clans lv 3 in the server and anyone can get a provissional clan hall. We need the Auctioneer Npc al most.
  8. Provisional Clan Halls aren't In.

    Has passed 2 wekks and i cant pull auction for a provisional clan hall. Are they enabled or no? @Juji @Hime PD: I have a clan lv 3 from 2 wekks ago.
  9. Requirements clan lvl 3?

    Hi, the npc to lvl up the clan ll tell u that. If u re the clan lead of course.
  10. Clan Gladiators lv 3 Recluta activos!!!

    Servidor: Aden
  11. Hola, somos un clan Hispano con gente activa, buena onda y ganas de crecer como clan. Lo que ofrecemos: - Partys diarias de leveo, farmeo y pvp. - Ayuda con la quest de aligator. - Ayuda en equipamento, segun lo que vayamo farmeando y sacando con los aportes de la gente. - RBs de servidor eventuales, 1 o 2 veces x semana. - Pvp para ayudar a los miembros o defender el spot. El horario de juego del clan es de L a V por las noches y S y D por las tardes noches de America. Lo que buscamos: - Actualmente buscamos Tanque, BD, OL, PP - Gente con ganas de trabajar en equipo - Gente con iniciativa. Requisitos: - Entrar al discord siempre que logueen, aunque sea para escuchar. - Lv 40+ - Cuota semanal: 50k (Se usa para equipar y posiblemente un futuro CH) - Login diario, al menos por las noches de America. Procedimiento para ingresar al clan: 1. Llenar el siguiente formulario: https://goo.gl/forms/HftMOGupVGtCtud43 2. Entrar al discord: https://discord.gg/qKWNqkn 3. Wispear in game a: Pieri, Balik, OnichanHD, Marian. Video de nuestro ultimo RB de Clan: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/329178563
  12. Levear sin shots y vender keys es la clave.
  13. U could report insults, not bot acusation. Open a ticket bro.
  14. Maintenance of emergency now?
  15. Comunidad de Discord de Habla Hispana

    Up, estamos en Aden Server.