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  1. Hello, How to get Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor ? Mobs drop, event, raid boss, ... ? Many thanks
  2. Hello, Does anyone knows how to get Buff Slot Expansion Ticket Lv. 1 ? No clue about this item Many thanks
  3. Thanks for the information. But I am talking about the count of mobs in hunting zones, example when 3 players in the same place you only find 5 to 6 mobs which will be a problem who's gonna take them according to the speed and who will strike first. On the other hand, I don't quite agree that Alligator Island or forest of mirrors is the best hunting area for two reasons: - Being attacked by 4 or 5 mobs (sometimes 7) at the same time. Even the best gear can't handle this when you're playing alone. - The number of mobs (again) per zone. Cheers,
  4. I noticed that there is a limit on the number of mobs to hunt in the hunting zones for level 40-45 (super limit). For example, when we get to the ideal hunting area for level> 20 -> Abandoned camp in Gludin village. There is a mob penalty shared between players. With level over 40 I think the Ivory Tower Crater is the best place to hunt BUT sometimes there is a great leak of mob count as many players harvesting. I'm just saying it will be much better to specify a hunting area for levels like Abandoned Camp. Cheers
  5. Thanks mate. I just figured it out
  6. I read this: Does a Recurring Pack work on Lineage II Classic, Aden Servers? A: No, Recurring Prestige Packs are not available for Lineage II Classic and Aden. Recurring Packs only work for Lineage II. What does it mean? Jesus do I have to recreate another character and harvest mobs again ? I leveled up my character like crazy in 3 days
  7. No! Actually I chose Classic, my character is on Giran. I am so confused !!
  8. Hello, I just purchased Lineage 2 Prestige Pack, I got unused code with XXXXXX. When I click Apply I got a message You have no characters on applicable servers What is happening ? Did I miss something ?
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