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  1. (you said from feedback bla bla rates are ok bla bla BUT you know THE majority of the players just leave the server they wont come to forum to cryyyy or make feedbacks they will just take their wallets and leave like me i haven;t played the past 7 days and ill propably wont play anymore its sadistic to play smthing that slaping ur face . originaly i wanted to pay for vip4 every month and have some fun ! and i did pay but no thanks i played more than 200h it was worth the money for me but if i keep playing ill feel cheated couse its not fun anymore playing to get spammed every 5 min by d
  2. actualy bro i am 54 lvl and mobs drop lower adena than 28 lvl mob D:
  3. well i am 54 lvl crafter and i waited for this update if it wasnt good i whould leave too AAAAND ofc it was a trash update so cya :3 i go afk fish on other games that are p2w but atleast rates work D:
  4. sorry for bad english bro but you understand what i said
  5. seriously from all the things you could fix dyes/rates/incorrect xp from some mobs/ EVEN some database problems whould be better choice than to make 1.2h RR for the 0.1% of the server while the 90% of the server is about to ragequit couse of the problems above . and you make rr to fix a problem for 60 lvl chars + ..... that already lost like 5 days of their premium for sure ? ...... just fix it next week and give the 60lvl+ players a giftbox 7days exp rune 50% for compensation or smth .... no reason to RR server on prime time for smth like that .... and take the rage from thousand of playe
  6. Im using all my report per day too hehe those worthless scum. My mage is ready for pk muahahaha
  7. I went 24 there xD. Bots are broken and not picking theyr drops so extra income good place
  8. Hahahaha my friends asking me if its beta and gonna wipe or smth couse there is more bugs than players
  9. Well i got a weapon full drop but still this thread burned my eyea :3
  10. Exp is to fast even without vip and adena drop spoil is like hell to many ppl 30 lvl with the 1st weapon my clan leader is 36 with 1st weapon hahahahhaha and he have 100k adenski
  11. I remember on c2 i was getting materials from normal drop almost every 4 mobs here i dont even get adena after 4 mobs
  12. Well on l2wiki classic it say the mob give 984 exp and here with vip4 i get 700
  13. I have vip4 and truthfuly a mob on 25lvl that should drop 89-180adena drops 32-80 i was like wtf im doing here we all now if they dont fix the rates on wensday the majority of players gonna leave if we add up the nostalgic playera who gonna leave anyway then i have to say if we have 1 server with 3k players we gonna be lucky
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