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  1. GrugTheCreat0r

    Rare class

    Overlord ? there is a lot of overlord... Paladin, temple knight. Silver ranger and hawkeye, since all people play FatalCounter char. All daggers
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7xzC-GKbmQ enjoy fight from this week.
  3. Hello we are looking for an active EE 55+ 18h to 00h00 gmt+1 if possible. We need someone mature, chill and want to have fun in game. We are international english speaking cp. (french, greek, dutsh, polish, irish/russian) Pm gorgorbeye, isixty9, moizzz, genie in game.
  4. Hey guys, Thanks for this awesome fight everyday on giran server. I rly enjoy this server, i think we have vry good moment atm. SO i want to say thank you to everyone, ofc thx to scofield, for balance serv, and thanks to all side, for have so much good moments. Can't wait what will happens in future. Post some screen/video here, if you have some goods. I will personally put some things, like 1x xxx damage i receiveid by some crit from sk y net player ^^. see ya around boyz.
  5. Hello guys, 1 last cp is needed for our objectif, you can pm Gorgorbeye or Suuki In Game. We need you the most active possible. Have a nice day.
  6. And during this time, there is a lot of cp full stuff. Yup classic is hard.
  7. i give all my money to dd for shot. Thats how work lineage 2.
  8. Hey we need Sorc or SH 46+ asap for some leveling. We odn't have fix gametime but we play a lot. Pm gorgorbeye in game.
  9. i am happy, but not for the uncleanable karma. well done otherwise
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