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  1. Greetings guys, Does the skill of Elemental Summoner/Soultaker/Phantom Summoner, Wizard/Warrior/Assassin Servitor stack with Final Servitor? And does all those skills require Spirit Ores to cast ?
  2. Greetings, This is just me sharing my experience on farming as a F2P player in Aden version. Hope it will help Now, to make Profit, I follow this formula: Profit = Revenue/Income - Cost Profit: the amount of adena you actually earn after deducting all the costs Revenue/Income: The gross amount of adena you earn for killing mobs (drops are excluded) Cost: consumables needed to generate Revenue/Income, such as sayha grace potions, spirit shots, spirit ores, hp pots, att/def scrolls etc. In any certain farming zone (Plain of Glory, for instance), for 1 sayha grace potion, yo
  3. To start off, I'm not complaining nor am I blaming anyone. Your product, your price. As simple as that But I certainly won't buy a L2 1k box at a 3.5 mil+ price. Here's why: 1. 1k coins can only buy me 50 sayha grace potions, which cost exactly 2,5kk adena and I only need to buy the potions to farm so why should I pay an incredibly higher amount ?. It's simply unlogical :)) 2. I agree that the l2 boxes is more convenient than adena because they can be used to purchase other great stuff so a "convenient" fee is highly acceptable but come on guys, selling at 6-7 mils per box is so
  4. For your number 1, bro, If you want money for skills/items, you need to farm for a long time. Even P2W players have to farm (they just don't worry about adena too much BUT THEY STILL HAVE TO SPEND TIME and FARM to convert their real-life money into adena ). You need to play Farmers/PVE classes to farm. You can't expect PVP-oriented classes to farm as efficient as farmer/PVE classes. It's the same for every game. I know for sure there are at least 4 classes you can farm adena with because I've been playing them since day 1 (Elf, Dark Elf, Human Summoners, Necromancer) For your number 2,
  5. Wow, I can't believe people still complain about the events These are HUGE events in which you obtain thousands upon thousands of grace cookies and stuff like cloaks, eva talisman, dragon belt, jewels etc. ALL FOR FREE There is no pleasing your greed, is there ?
  6. For Aden, it's 10 accs/Pc but you will get random disconnections easily due to high traffic in the server My recommendation: 3-5 accs is good enough
  7. It's not unplayable, the combo of Vampiric claws and Body-to-mind skills makes Soultaker is formidable for PVE-farming, not to mention the combo of her survitor + share pain to make her even harder to kill in PvE. Soultaker is the hardest mage to kill in L2 in my opinions. What else do you ask for ? Just because one specific skill need reworking, the class became unplayable ? No class is unplayable in L2 lols. If you want perfection, go create your own games (although I doubt it'll be perfect)
  8. Right now, there are no quests to obtain extra equipments except for the class-change quests. However, level 40+ hunting zones will drop equipments with a low chance, just be patient and the loots will come. Make sure the monster is close to you when you kill them. Furthermore, right now there's a code to apply in your account page to claim free items (sayha grace, ss tickets, ores etc.). Go claim them now, you can see the details at Official News | Lineage II (lineage2.com) You can learn more about monsters and drops and also other infos at Knowledge base Lineage II (l2centra
  9. This version of Linage 2 is solo-hunting oriented. That means no party buff, except for Greater Group Heal of Bishop, some song and dance skills of Swordsinger and Bladedancer ( for example, https://dev.l2central.info/essence/items/95530.html?lang=en ). For any other buffers, even after 3rd transformation, there won't be party buffs
  10. Hello, welcome to Aden My recommendations to farm adena: 1. you can play up to 10 accounts on 1 computer, so make full use of that. You should play 9 farmers and 1 favorite character as a main. That way your main can level continuously 2. Farmers should be the class that needs no/very little consumption of Soulshots and Spirit Ores per hour. My favorite is Human Summoner a.k.a Arcana Lord (other summoners should be fine but they don't have as useful SURVITOR buffs as human summoner). Even with NO Soulshots, Spirit Ores and Sayha Grace, you will still earn POSITIVE income. I tried, I m
  11. Don't be so pessimistic, NCSoft DOES give you ways to earn money that's sufficient for you to run your main character. You just need to learn how to, it will take some time so be patient :3333
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