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  1. I didn't think so. The weight i think was around 25% and i had slots open. Also I've been over weight when trying to exchange soul shots and it gave me a weight warning. But dumped everything I didn't need into the warehouse and was able to get the items. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Is there some trick to picking up items? I've tried logging out and clicking the box next to the merchant in town. Then opening the merchant by double clicking on them. I can see the items but when I click Receive nothing happens.
  3. pulled a three of a kind a couple days ago of course that was playing 96 times
  4. Same back story, played L2 from launch up to around c4 ( first started playing Lineage in 1998 so bit further back than most I know). Came here for the same reason. I saw the ad with the Death Knight and thought "man that could be fun again". While there are a lot of new things going on here and I really like the aden weapon that cannot break. The adena penalties are just too much. I've only been around long enough to get through on login calendar and 2 days and was still learning all the Sayha's levels and the effect they have. With Sayha's will, I wasn't able to hunt and break even.
  5. Your discord link is expired. What time do you typically hold clan events?
  6. Just attempted to sell some junk to Holly and thought it was a bug that the adena shown for the items wasn't showing up and completed the sale. After the sale, I noticed it wasn't a bug and that I received no adena for the items. Thinking this was a bug, I went to the refund screen thinking "well if she didn't give me anything, I can just get it back". She wants like 300,000 for the items Not sure if this is by design or something is off.
  7. Yes, only one or two pair. The chances to win are quite low.
  8. When turning over cards, the image for the card doesn't appear in the box
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