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  1. When will you announce the winners of the 15th anniversary sweepstakes? The Twitter Screen shots? the reward was an elpy and stuff and there was also a Tat Necklace replica being given away? This was done in April

    Please fix we're stuck in town!
  3. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    Please fix we stuck in town
  4. Make a perma red just for this reason
  5. @Juji none of the other content changed, the only thing that changed was the pk and karma system We aren't supposed to lose drop ability while red We aren't supposed to only lose karma when we die to mobs or npc We are not supposed to be able to port while red According to ncsoft ticket i put in they said it was due to the fafurion update but that'd mean that Anakim and Lilith would be 110 plus only. None of the other parts of the update were applied to Classic, and we we NOT warned. I died and lost 4 percent due to being rezzed without losing karma over 6 times in a row. It took a few times for me to realize the issue that my karma wasn't dropping. I had to die to Npc mobs at Giran to lose my karma and this cost me hours or days of exp. I know others have experienced this too and it's going to be frustrating. Even if this was supposed to be applied to us too, we weren't warned at all and i wouldn't have gone red in the first place.
  6. No More PORTING WHILE RED or in COMBAT screw the GM buffs!
  7. Please stop ports while in combat Also please announce winners for 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes please its been a month <3 @Juji @Hime
  8. Status -Discord L2 servers

  9. How soon until the winners for the different sweepstakes will be announced? @Hime or @Juji
  10. Usually the GM buffs last longer than 30 min, Yeah?
  11. The queue was bad for one day and all the casuals quit. Love it.
  12. Real Queue Solution

    Precisely, once they see the value in the switch, they can open a few more, and announce the option. Entire clans can move. EU's can stay. Everyone happy.
  13. Real Queue Solution

    No. Allow people to move their toons to the other servers. VIP first.
  14. Classic is a joke

    I have VIP4 and I've waited about an hour now.