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  1. First , farme ta colisse de yeulle, (stfu). Crisse de moron, am tired of people like you. This is not and afk event, u need to farm to profite of the buff, and u get 1 box per day. Wow, it will not change anything in the game. If it was a farm drop event u will call it a bot event ... Décolisse jouer a sim city. And for the queue theres just to much people, event or not. And not enought server in the launch day. Jvais surment etre sensoré mais jnai rien a chier.
  2. Imo they really fail the Classic lunch, we are in 2018, theres a lot of gamers in America. This game his old and all heard about it. I know a lot of people who try to play and they cant cause of the queue probleme, they came here and see all the trouble again. they all just go play another game. Am pretty sure that if they were lunch like 6 to 10 server they will have a lot on each. Anyway, if one became light, merge it. But now i fell like its to late. A nice game with bad administrator.
  3. Boss event are to easy, only like 5 people will get buff.
  4. As usual they dont know what they do and they dont know what to do. Yesterday they allow 100 more space in the server and now they worry about afk people around boss..... haha. Since the start in 2004, ncsoft never being able to deal wisely to trouble they encounter. Stop dreaming, they will never change. Stop feeding them, its the best move u can do.
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