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  1. maybe that's class.3 stuff, i don't know. but during class.2 you need a SCROLL of darkness and a SCROLL of purity nothing about books or crystals - yet. if you are actually on either ncsoft aden server, you can see it by looking; special crafting, spellbooks, and search "scroll" and find two 2-star listed.
  2. figured i'd hijack the thread, ask similar about arbalester/trixtor scrolls - darkness and purity craft window want 34kk and thousends of mats i've never even seen in game before. is there any hope these scrolls will be in game some other way more affordably? kind of disspointing how few skills i can spend my SP on, only to find i then, have to save up adena for months in hopes of upgrading the two skills i was left to improve. worse yet, unlike bd, my soul related bow skills are merely being upgraded - hardly seems worthwhile at all. probably better off spe
  3. after farming kruma this week, i figured out why some rooms are dominated more by pvp clan.4's than others. i noticed many of the areas they "let you" farm are mob respawn buggy. for example i was in a well spawned hallway, and came back to check on my auto attack only to discover the respawn go offline for nearly an hour before it resumed as normal. there are also a lot of wall range errors that impact auto attack... my bow would favor mob down the hall, instead of mob much closer near some wall it was a weird thing to witness, but i'm sure there are all sor
  4. thanks to everyone who weighed in on this topic nice to see posters do the economics of an event. what i ended up doing is - for alts i'm just grinding missions for, i do the devainne 100K for my main who i continue to farm cruma for subjigation, i do the devainne 300K the idea is for the side alts i mostly want to keep net adena drops higher than farming costs for my main, i figure the 4-5 hours of extra farming will benefit from the devainne buff and i need the extra cookies on that main regarless. so devainne is not nearly as generous as the daily OLY box
  5. i'm so glad i made a dagger before last wednesday when they took out newbie growth and attendence. starting a new character must really suck ballz now, about the only good thing you get is aden weapon since that levels a passive with your character, but without the boons they took out of game, you'll be hard pressed to +plus that aden weapon anymore making even that starter boon - relatively worthless.
  6. the problem isn't just that there is no option to silence hero chat https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22989-chat-filter-options/ the problem also is you can't link more than one item in any chat so heroes spamming WTS have to use a new line for each item.
  7. once dinging 66 i finally checked out kruma after spending most of my 60's auto farming war torn plains. good news is kruma 65 is less crowded if you don't mind looking around for a room (not being aoe botted) bad news; you spend 2x more time & shots per mob for the same avg 300a drops as you do in plains, so why would anyone bother here - players tell me subjugation rewards are RNG poor and mostly lame, and besides... we have Davianne still running now - that you can cash in daily after only an hour or two. my guess is every subjugation 100% for whatever lame rewa
  8. agreed... i've been holding on to a 3333 code for weeks as i can't think of anything worthwhile other than buying two L1000 from players with adena so i can at least get that L5000 sayha pack. everything i'd actually want is in the NCoin shop for real money - which i don't have cash to spend on. IMHO both shops should offer far more pack similarities.
  9. since all my alts are low 60's and i grind out each day's 800 mob kills for missions i figured i'd add Devainne, so i waste about 103K and 10 minutes time per alt running back to find yet another not too crowded farming spot to cash this in. is any of this really worth it for a few cookies a drop of xp and some soul ore* ? honestly the buff you get does no seem to matter to any class in their 60's. *after 20 cash-in's = all i get are a few 30% xp scrolls, soul ore, or shot tix.
  10. MP regen is broken here... this vid is my WC hitting mob with only her VR keeping her alive. no skilling, no toggles, no nothing, and even after paying 1kk i see barely 9mp each game tic. i suspect my MP regen is actually WORSE since i spent that 1kk to upgrade it, because skill rotations i used to use without running out of MP now i do and NOW i didn't upgrade those skills to consume more MP and don't give me that BS that it will be better at class.3 that could be MONTHs away for some players here.
  11. don't cancel it tomorrow don't extend it another week or two you gotta leave it be and make this permanent. anything less, and nobody will want to start any new character anymore, the server will hollow out and die by xmas if you do. even some of the p2p are leaving, because there's nothing to do here forts are broken, castles are broken, you can't even buy a clan hall, and game economy is broken - no WTB anything player shops at all. if aden ever gets that online, new character will want to come but without attendence working, it will be a p
  12. still move evidence restore mp 3 (1mil adena) passive is broken for wc; while auto farming with battle cry off i would use 3 mp consumer skills and /attack /attack would add a few zero mp consumer swings of my weapon which had 2 benefits... vr back a little hp, and keep my MP from going lower as i used MP on those other 3 skills. the MP i should regain from paying 1,000,000 adena should have made the difference between those few seconds of hitting - or - not, but it's completely ineffective. when i do not auto /attack and simply use my 3 skills instead
  13. last day they should just give everyone who logs in for 30min access to the entire 28 day list, or just keep the system permanent - it's silly they are removing it in the first place because without those freebies it's unlikely any f2p will get deep enough into class.2 to ever want to be here long enough to class.3 and become the very p2p that ncsoft is gunning for.
  14. i bought the 1kk restore HP 3 for my arbalester and was able to use a 30hp skill every 3 seconds without my HP going down. so there it was a real game changer - well worth the 1,000,000 adena. so i figured why not try the same thing on my warcryer, who loses too much MP simply for battle cry 8 - a 1mp per tic skill boy was i disappointed... with battel cry off, i was always at full mp doing skills while farming, once battle cry is on i still run out of mp with hardly any left to cycle my buffs every 20 minutes... restore MP 3 was supposed to fix this, it didn't...
  15. thanks for correcting my BD assumptions on Aden but you are wrong about SE, they do not gain hp simply by skilling on a mob from a distance. a class.2 SE on aden must use /attack in their auto farm even if all they are hitting with is a slow lame staff. i'm only 62 so i don't know what happens in class.3
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