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  1. 5 X 20 = 100 Pay Up ROFL 5 is TWENTY times LOWER than 100 If I gave you $5 TWENTY times you would have $100 It's even written in the official chart. Lost Ark and Final Fantasy and proving the gaming community still has MILLIONS of potential real customers. This 20X Reduction garbage isn't going to draw them in. Aden server will just have a small pathetic mostly AFK community and dead servers just like the rest after the novelty wears off. And it's really not even that great now. It's designed to fail and it will do just that. #1 Adena LOL It's actually MOR
  2. It's more on the sad community for destroying the game than the developers. (Although the devs certainly have responsibility as well). Anyone purchasing anything from this game is essentially ruining the entire MMO genre. Even these streamers that complain admit they paid a fortune into it. They PAY to ruin their own game experience and then expect the devs not to abuse them. How anyone can think a 5% Adena drop rate (20X reduced is ACCEPTABLE)? Get a backbone and stand up for yourself. You can do something about it today, right now. QUIT.
  3. Why are you acting like Aden won't be any different? Every day the P2W advantages will seep into the game until it's just as bad. And of course they will ruin it. There is a lot of quick cash in trashing the game that way and a lot of suckers to support it. In fact I don't recall a single statement about Lineage II that wasn't, "it's P2W don't bother". Outside the game that's all that needs to be said.
  4. How about doing something more important like removing a ENERGY SYSTEM in an auto play AFK game? Or make good MEME's about 1 Adena Drops. I mean why even 1? Where they to cowardly to just remove drops all together? I had a good laugh with the teleport costs. You couldn't even switch locations to farm at the 1 Adena Rate LOL. I can't believe you people put up with this garbage.
  5. You didn't mention the unethical and scam mechanics built into this system. For example you list it as "+100% Adena drop" without saying it's actually a negative 10,000%+ Adena Drop Rate WITHOUT IT. In fact it's ultimately a ENERGY SYSTEM for the game with an infinite adena penalty. If you merely got a 100% Adena Drop boost this wouldn't be that much of an issue, but the truth is the -10,000%+ Adena Drop Rate is real and as far as I can tell you will get 1 Adena from any mob period regardless of location or level. It's just an energy scam. The solution is
  6. "No time limits or weird loopholes" Aden essentially has an energy system. Once your SG runs out you get 1 Adena making is unfeasible to play unless you burn through all your resources which you won't even have without P2W. So YES it's time limited, even worse ENERGY BASED system. The challenge? What challenge? It's an AUTO AFK game mostly. And the entire point of the cash shop is to remove all challenge. Even then nothing is based on challenge at all. Every single steamer says the same thing about all versions of the game. PVP is just a stat check and a person that spend $1,
  7. Honestly, you should do what I'm doing. Log out and uninstall the game. FYI I'm wealthy and played Lineage II many years long ago. Without the P2W nonsense. I even paid for other clan members that couldn't afford the subscriptions. Over the years it was a considerable amount of money. However, due to their poor business practices and scam model I can never give them a penny nor can I could recommend any of their products. It's a failure business model. Other games are paying streamers to get millions of active players. Meanwhile NCsoft forced it's own customers to turn on
  8. So your not interested in "AN OLD" broken heavily unbalanced mess of a game, but a "RECENTLY RELEASED" broken unbalanced mess of a game is what you're looking for? These games should be shut down as fraudulent advertising. The fact they advertise as "Free to Play forever" should be enough case to get them shut down for false advertising. The ONLY value to this game is making other P2W piles of trash and mobile scams seem a little more reasonable.
  9. Yes, it's sad when you have to explain to people that play the game it's simply intolerable and unplayable. This isn't about "advantages" or really even "P2W". It's more of a fraudulent claim to event be F2P because you can't really play the game with garbage like 1 Adena drops. Their arguments are so bad they would claim the same things if you never got a single point of exp or adena ever without paying. That ridiculous example wouldn't change their position at all. In their poor opinion, you could still "play the game".
  10. It's the dunning kruger effect. You are simply incapable of realizing how wrong you are because you lack the ability to understand it. It's also a straw man or talking point. Literally no one is advocating for what you are talking about. You simply WANT people to be thinking that so you have an argument. The fact is you don't have any valid points. You could also test a garbage statement like that very easily. What you're saying is: If there is a 10,000,000,000,000,000X Boost for paying that's fine, people are just complaining because they want everything for free!
  11. Lets see if what you are saying makes sense: Well since I managed to do this: CASE CLOSED CASE CLOSED: Your claim was that it's impossible, PROVEN TO BE INCORRECT More importantly: This system is corrupt and should not exist in the first place. If the amount of Adena is to high that is a game design failure and should be adjusted. There is NO reason or excuse EVER for a 6000% decrease in Adena. Even if you find ways to avoid that, it's IRRELEVANT. The FACT is the game will be played by a variety of people and the results will wildly vary. This system IS inte
  12. The game design is so corrupt it doesn't even make sense. Do the developers even want people to AFK? If they don't.... why create all these AFK systems? I know they want to cater to whales and try to force purchases, but it's to the point that basic game play isn't even viable. This 1 Adena garbage doesn't even allow basic game play. By the end game you probably can't even kill mobs for 1 Adena because they will become blue. Without the buffs, your character can't do anything. And on top of that you don't even progress in wealth to obtain the items REQUIRED for higher areas.
  13. How about some civility from the developers and moderators. Can you start by explaining how a decrease of over 6,000% in Adena drops is acceptable design? Remember we want "civil game design". Why is that killing creatures with a paid upgrade is already yeilding PW2: 60+ Adena F2P: 1 Adena Why am I seeing people selling cash shop items for 2M each, while obtain 1 ADENA per kill? And how about the original post declaring they are not even making enough Adena to support basic playing? The game is designed to be AFK then you give people 1 ADENA per kill even in
  14. It's widely known that P2W has plagued the MMO market. However, Lineage II Aden is one of the WORST examples I have seen in 30 years. It's not just P2W and that's not even the main issue. The MAIN ISSUE is that it's not EVEN VIABLE to play with the cash shop because of complete garbage design. It has P2W such as buying quicker exp and directly buying enchants. However, this 1 Adena horse sht makes the game not even viable. This design is such crap the game crumbles apart and can't even support it's own weight. It means you can't buff, can't grind appropriate areas, and get poten
  15. Purchasing Sayha Grace is cowardly and punching yourself in the face. It's effectively asking yourself to be abused and the reason this problem exists. How about everyone start telling the truth. Why don't you start saying P2W can give you a 2,000% - 5000%+ boost. In fact those numbers might be to low. Due to killing higher zones, faster, upgrades etc, and with boosts it might be 45,000%+ lol. There is a term for people who pay for these games......... suckers. It's about time someone start telling the truth around here instead of the miss labelled garbage in game like 200%
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