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  1. Awesome post. The truth is : - We are addicted to this game and we can't let go no matter how bad it has become. - We are always expecting that some way, somehow, we can revive that golden era. - Over these years no other game was released with the same mechanic's, they're usually WoW clones. And we will never let go, tbh I don't mind the auto-farm, they have never dealt with botting along the years, never! And old players like me, we're already married with children and full of duties, it is impossible to be late night eternal grinding/logged on.
  2. Anyone who have played EU would know. And this is not a mistake how things are going, on the contrary, this is the strategy. To drain, the max they can, your wallet in 3 months. This will become a zombie server after that. Merges will come to avoid the collapse, but the burial will be inevitable. And, as I said, this is the strategy, expect that some people will have spent more than 50k in three months, and I'm saying that each of them will spent that amount alone. After these 3 months that's what's going to happen: - F2P players already understood there is room for them,
  3. In other words, that's what you say: " I'll P2W. You can be my sandbag or leave. " Oh...I forgot the last part.... " Easy as that."
  4. Every action, every measure or rule here is aimed at profit, not entertainment. They expect that people PAY (and some will) to play these multiple accounts, since lvling without sayha is pointless. It doesn't matter if it will disrupt gameplay or even attract more adena sellers/RMT. At the end of the day, if the bank account is going up, they're doing right.
  5. That video is perfect and self-explanatory. Unfortunately... Companies only care about income, the faster, the better... whales will always be there for them, and they only care to spend their money to beat you. you, in the other hand, even though being 80% of the player base, even though the company and the whales won't survive without you, has no voice. That's why this server has 0% chance of longevity...no one wants to be food forever.
  6. It is still embarrassing. It is like, you need to cheat to get into a party you are not invited. It is like being considered a 2nd class customer( since I'll pay to play anyway, because it is impossible to play for free, and have fun) It feels like you are dissatisfied with the bride before the weeding. And to tell me you can't find a way to do a prize draw, because the law you let you, feels like another slap in my face.
  7. BR L2 community is even bigger than NA, yet they spit on us. Even though dollar/real difference never being bigger, I'm sure there will be a massive investment from us in this game. Because we love the game, more than you even. Yet they spit on us. The severs would die even faster without our player base, no one likes empty servers. Yet they spit on us. Love the way you do business NCwest.
  8. If the top clans decide to pk, or even a single top player. You will not pve
  9. And you need some foreign language classes, that's Portuguese, not Hispanic.
  10. It's just unbelievable that you have enough ppl, to pay monthly for a stable and decent server, just like Innova, they could profit, and make all of them happy. But then again, you have the worst possible server, P2W, and P2P together, not drop on death to mobs, the perfect environment to be full RMT/BOT in a few months. They never planned anything nor they have competence or autonomy to change anything. (If you cry a bit more they'll raise drop even more newbs, just keep yelling) To all Lineage 2 players, my honest opinion, you will not have your old Lineage back here, pray as
  11. The queue is here to be STUCK IN THE ASS OF NON PAYING PEOPLE. That's the truth.
  12. Look, I've played only the 1st day, it was the only one I could log in, I was going to buy the Pack and become VIP, but then again, I did think on playing a bit first and then spend money. BUT....iF I KNEW...THEY WOULD STICK THE bleepING bleep INTO MY @$$ IF I DIDN'T PAY, I COULD AT LEAST HAD A SECOND CHANCE Like, I could've thought "Ok bleep that the freebies won't play, bleep everybody else, I'm a selfish person, I'll pay and play and i don't care for the others" But no, I didn't even have the chance to be selfish back there.
  13. You described the whole horse shit better than I ever could, I'll go deep into the amateurism... They planned 2 servers with 6k-(barely 6k) capacity as you can see on L2Laby. 1 theoretically for EU and another theoretically for the Americas. Can anyone please clear my mind about this, DO THEY REALLY EXPECTED 6K- FOR THE WHOLE AMERICA(SOUTH & NORTH)? I MEAN I HOPE I'M REALLY WRONG ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT LOOKS UNREAL TO ME.
  14. I played the first day and quit 2nd one, I couldn't log in, lost the whole bleeping day trying to play, they literally crushed any will of reviving good old times. Told my friends, I'll return in a month, I expect at least half o this team to be fired by the time being. I was going to buy the PAck before the launch, but something was smelling wrong, every time I reminded the "NCWest" word. *Edit This is a bleeping 14 old or so game, same old servers, it's unthinkable what happened.
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