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  1. Lineage W not released in the west yet, supposed to be out soon though, maybe early 2022. If you want to play from NA you need to download client from a link, I found one in the Lineage W reddit. Then log in a region 1 server(anywhere game is already live, Asia and middle east). No vpn required but I found the logging in part being buggy at times requiring multiple attempts... Saying that I cant even play on NC west servers tonight, lag is crazy even if I can pass the nc launcher login
  2. LineageW is their new release, with an updated storyline. I think 2m is more 3d in comparison and probably a rehash of one of the previous mobile versions? Only logged into M briefly. Played W a bit more, but doesn't feel like a proper MMO to me personally, too much auto playing.. or maybe I am just too old.
  3. You are spot on. I logged all my chars off yesterday after constantly having to rez them all and go back to hunt spot only to be pkd again (pretty much all zones). I don't mind the pk's but the fact that most of the pkrs are all stronger then my highest level char there is nothing that I can do. I tried LineageW last night, seems to have a better story to it so far, but gameplay seems like its way to automated. My PS5 with COD vanguard is arriving today, I guess I will be playing that for a while, maybe come back in a few months and see how the server evolves by then.
  4. Anyone else noticed their PC slowing down to almost standstill when opening multiple clients since today's update? I used to be able to run 10 clients with no problems on my pc and still do other things, now it seems like after 4 clients pc completely grinds to a halt , the clients that are open already seem to be running perfectly though. Not sure if it's the update from today or the stupid Windows update I did at the same time today. Would help me identify where issue is if someone else can confirm if they noticed any difference since update. Thanks.
  5. Prior to the huge increase in L2 1k Coin boxes there was abundant bracelets and brooches etc. Now as the boxes costs to much there is no point. I reckon if box prices come down to 2m~ range you will get more bracelets etc in player shops.
  6. 2000 pks wow.. is that why all the 80+ chars go round pking in low 70/lvl 60 zones?? That explains a lot lol.
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