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  1. Cloack enchant

    rates are changed after first 2 cloak events its 100% sure , but it waz not so bad till we had ancient scrols for hero coins , in my last movie in my chanel used 1k scrols 1-10 200~ legendary and 60~ ancients ended with +9 cloak never pased +14
  2. Cloak enchant rates

    my opinion its pretty much 40-50% in any enchant , maybe 1-10 50%~ 10-15 30-40% 15-20 30%~ seans l maked x3 +20 x30 +18 and 50+ +15 l know what l say
  3. Cloak enchant rates

    ITS BS .... used 40 scrols and waz keeping on +14-17 with this rates it would not happen
  4. by kiling biger lvl mobs then u self u have big dmg reduce by them something like 30-50% les dmg its all depends mob color
  5. Item Restoration Policy

    proly , asked my self them to move some items too in same acc on different chars by using tokens got refused too
  6. Item Restoration Policy

    hmm , u enchanted it u broked it and its done this is how the game goes last 15 years .... now evry 1 start asking for restore items so all server would run +30 weps .....
  7. Lara Box Test ! x100

    l swimed were uot , evry 1 can do it ..
  8. enjoy and dont forget to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmaPqjVg0DQ&feature=youtu.be
  9. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    at the end u can make r110 +30 from +21 with 3 correct lady luck and some luck on +3 but proly u will end with +18 wep its all korea random
  10. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Stop envy and by jealous have best luc on server and used 12k+ dragon shirt scrols gl making it u self veteran mask its same as dragon shirt stage 2 so lot yeasyer to make this is the reason whay not much ppl did last stage +5 shirt
  11. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    listed 98% luc items nothing to list more just forgot emerald and normal wep never gaved u luc stat only r110 give u +1 luc max so u love to lye but y whatever
  12. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    y its included in the list of missing luc , or u can get clan leader cloak as l remember it waz +4 stats
  13. no 1 care what u say
  14. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    hmm long list dragon earring necklace, god rings, set +10 hair acc , not using dragon shirt have maph +9, dyes , cloak nevit,dime bracelet,dragon wep augment give +2-3 luc,Christmas talisman , insanity , venir ,missing brooch stage 5 for +2 luc ,evolved aga stage 5,daubt l forgot anything from items l use , bufs nano , dark bear , love bufs , aden-giran npc, luc pot , and lam still mising like 10-15 luc on some items
  15. it waz 100% legal only ppl w/o clue about game will QQ about it