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  1. Well that's good to know. So I guess my problem goes away after 40. Now I'm curious about the ok system though. How bad is the sin eater quest now?
  2. You're famous now! Oh that is good news. I didn't know that about the 40+ nukes. Yeah I was thinking about doing something like that but with sting from a BD/SK and a a level 1 pk. Thanks for the info!
  3. Very true. This is definitely a factor. I can see why they added this feature though. It makes the progression more fluid which keeps new players for longer. Same reason why they took out dropping items after mob deaths. I really like this idea. You could have the "PK killers" flag blue to the Pk'er. I wonder what the side effects would be though. This is great! Keep the ideas and opinions coming guys. If we want to change the game then we have to be vocal.
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/DeterminedSassyAmazonPanicBasket An explanation of what's happening in this clip: My party had been pulling trains and AoE'ing in this room for a good while now. Another party comes up with mostly boxed characters and a couple of live nukers(the ones marked with "star" and "cross") and start hitting the trains we pull. This is a PvP game. My question is: How are we supposed to defend against this type of griefing? On the official servers this wouldn't have been a problem because players would flag if their AoE skills hit another flagged player.
  5. https://lineage2.guru/index.php For the uninitiated: L2Blah was a forum with low moderation. Only a few rules but otherwise anything goes. Enjoy!
  6. https://lineage2.guru/index.php For the uninitiated: L2 Blah was a forum with low moderation. Anything goes aside from a few rules. Enjoy!
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