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  1. Online

    No exactly the number of players online
  2. Online

    where can I see online server?!?
  3. News from Korea

    Does anyone know how many servers will be updated?
  4. exping

    Advice plz place exping 30-40 =)))
  5. m atack or m crit Dmg?

    M.Critical Damage more profit in dps
  6. Who want Rune in DS from MS

    Max interetional clan ?
  7. New server

    Does anyone know whether the opening of new servers will be similar to Korea and Ru off (pvp version) ???
  8. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    Up rebyatam =)) PS:voobsh mnogo nashih ?
  9. help

    Who can help create 2 accounts? kto mojet pomoch sozdat 2 akka ?