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  1. Spear also reduced my cast speed on prophet compared to 1h sword. But what this guy is saying doesn’t seem true. Staff and 1h sword give me same cast speed.
  2. Accident? The word you're looking for is negligence.
  3. They don't even know the level cap of their own server. Don't expect anything to come from them. Completely useless.
  4. Umm, no. Spellbooks drop. From 52-60 in FoM I saw roughly 13-15 books drop.
  5. I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get an answer to a very simple question. Is it that hard for them to know the level cap...? This makes no sense. They also say content capped at 70 but there are monsters above 70. This is mind boggling.
  6. First they told us lvl 70 was the cap for players, but that seems to be a lie. We were then told "content" is capped at 70 (probably a lie as well) but that you can continue getting XP until the level difference penalty is reached. But what if, theoretically, someone saved up 100+ dimensional blessings or thousands of super xp scrolls (not likely, but theoretically) would someone be able to achieve an even higher level once "xp level difference penalty is reached"? I can't imagine what their answer/excuse will be once A grade stuff starts to appear. I'm really tired of them giving us f
  7. This is extremely annoying... please fix
  8. I think this is a joke? If it's not, it's the worst idea I've ever seen. No one would ever be able to train monsters again.
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