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  1. you're completely right. there's nothing to do besides leveling. boring as hell.
  2. Couldn't agree more with this statement. We stopped playing because of 2 things: No players to recruit and no goals on the game (No sieges, no fortress, no olympiad, nothing to do besides leveling).
  3. Hi, We are 4 active players atm on Gludio Server (Sorcerer 40, Necromancer 40, Bishop 45 and 1 active Song or BD, both leveling atm to be active in CP). Actually we were about 15 players but all of them stopped to play. We are looking for active players on following classes for Mage CP: - Overlord - Sword Singer or Blade Dancer (1 of us will play the class that is missing). - Elven Elder - Shillien Elder - Warlord or Tank - Mage (Sorcerer or Necromancer). Actually we have all classes in other boxes but we are looking for active players to play on t
  4. I've just leveled my clan to lvl 3 and i see we have 2 skills that costs 200 kk (No Clan Return and No Clan Ressurrection). What is the point on this? At first I thought it was 2 kk but then I put all my attention on all that zeroes and I had the impression that was 200 kk. Again: What's the point on this? Conclusion: NCWest receive some money from adena's sell? That doesn't make any sense to me. If I was a project leader for Lineage 2 patches I would never allow such bizarre (Not to say stupid) thing to happen. I graduated in 2004 and I was born in 1978. How old
  5. This is not atuba mace but atuba hammer. I want atuba mace :3
  6. Nice stuff, finally! That's what a mate need to play with us there.
  7. really? and this change your life in...??? Are you worried about me or about your own 4ss?
  8. @Juji and @Hime I know it's not your fault guys. I wouldn't like to be in your place tbh.
  9. It's incomprehensible. If you have a couple of peas inside ur head you will know that they are receiving a huge money from this L2 Classic. 2 questions here: 1 - Why they can't open new servers? Maybe 2 more would solve the problem, a GMT-3 would be great (Oh, I forgot the Brazilians can't have their own server because they need to be in the $USD stage, right?) 2 - Do you think it's fair a company that is receiving so much money from a game, treating his players this way? That's it. NOW THEY WILL DELETE THIS TOPIC.
  10. 1 thing I don't understand: Why they don't open 2 more servers at least? It's incomprehensible.
  11. We (Me and EC49) know it's not ur fault. I wouldn't like to be in ur place tbh.
  12. There is no other game on the market that is more P2W than L2. I just came back this time to classic cuz i hve stubborn friends.
  13. While BDO has 15+ servers, we have 3! GG NC! GJ!
  14. this is a new ncsoft's framework: trial and error
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