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  1. this is in response to another thread that was locked.... nope they are deleting threads all the time or locking them... cause people are pointing out the same bot parties operating even thou they have been reported by many people and received emails from their tickets saying "action has been taken". and/or the fact rates here don't make sense and their response of "we made our own rates up" is completely stupid.... when you make more adena and drops lvl 30-40 than 40+ or the fact the mobs with a multiplier of x2-6 wont effect the drops.
  2. Nah that’s pretty bad...... There are other things that you can do. But really the rates are broken I’m not defending them in anyway I’m just pointing out that once ppl get to a point on the server ncsoft won’t make much money off the shop and will realise p2w things.
  3. Actually a lot of people are complaining or straight up leaving if you can’t tell by the 50 other threads about this issue. The fact people defend these rates is completely idiotic or must have some selfish reason why they would. All we want is proper 1x rates or atleast consistent bleeping rates. no one is asking for x10 or x50
  4. I never said anything about me having issues with making adena actually read what I wrote. But those saying rates are fine 40+ or rates were fine on server release are complete and utterly lieing. These are not any rates this game has ever had these are made up broken rates. Simple and plan. Doesnt matter if your are vip 4 or vip 0. broken rates are broken rates. those trying to defend them must have either something wrong in the head or have other means of achieving what they want. i make enough adena to get by and gear myself at the moment. But getting
  5. A c weapon will set you back about 3.5kk-4kk not an unobtainable amount if you are patient and lvl with making adena in mind 1-40.
  6. Why just destro’s and tyrants? on Franz I was doing it with just a adventurer se and ol
  7. Btw I hate auto correct on the phone while quickly typing at work. A few of those “realise” need to be “released”
  8. People do realise that the ones defending the rates are probably the ones with a second pc or a virtual pc on the same hardware and have a small bot pty some where going 1-40 consently. or even some of the adena sellers. Either way they don’t want things to change cause they are gonna be NUMBER 1 on a dead server if things don’t change.
  9. You this argument doesn’t actually work that well at 40+ as there is actually no reason to use the nc soft store once you don’t need ss from there. What buy exp scrolls to make your rates even worse? or buff scroll? Most people have a buffer. You are are better off making spoilers 1-40 you get more mats that way than silver coins ( more adena too by looks of it). Only reason is to skip the que. ncsoft has realised a game with broken rates. a adena sellers wet dream as with virtual PCs set up he could be running 9-12 accounts off one pc if it’s
  10. I just want the same rates as the eu and innova servers. i would happily play a p2p server without any of this vip crap, as long as the rates weren't these molested ncwest rates to get money out of people. since well p2p is who lineage started
  11. Botters don’t sit there for the hours to grind/farm try run 9 accounts on 3 pcs they don’t care. They will get there faster than we would. Adena seller... low adena, no one can buy gear so they buy adena to get the gear. Adena seller wins. ncsift no one can afford shots people buy shots from NCSoft. Plus the vip system people buy to try and get somewhere with these stupid rates. the fact I have to explain it to you just proved my point. the people suffering are the one who can’t log in and the ones that have finally after ques to find they won’t get far passed
  12. Actually makes perfect sense if you had some form of brain cells, rather than regurgitating movie lines from the mid 90’s
  13. The only ones benefiting from the rates issue are the botters, adena sellers and NCSoft......
  14. We showed you evidence the rates of all other classic servers and the rates of c1. What you are providing is nothing like them and is very sub par. you dont call that construcive critasim?!?! Or proof on what they should be?
  15. One of the worse server launches in mmorpg history
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