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  1. Am I ever going to get my mousepad and stuff that I was promised from last event .
  2. I'm assuming you bought one by now if not I have one for sale
  3. Top c 1 handed matt . Drop only ! Pm devilzreject or morlek
  4. There was definitely a contest for classic. Been over a week since the winner was supposed to be announced. I also tried emailing . Getting no response back.
  5. @Juji Can you please give us an update on what's goin on with the art contest too. Think everyone that put time and effort into that would like to know.
  6. I agree. I think we atleast deserve a response of what's going on. Starting to think I should have just leveled.
  7. Biodome

    Gain Exp

    I lvled at ol mahum checkpoint on that hill. Archers drop comp bow shafts and ench wep ds. Not very many mobs drop ench wep ds. Officers also drop ench armor ds too. Plus the eyeballs are weak against bows. I found it a great place to level and stayed there till the eyes became light blue.
  8. Hey can you please let us know when your going to reveal the winners. Looking forward to seeing if I won. Thanks .
  9. Offers or pm in game biodome or devilzreject. Server talking island
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