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  1. @Hime@Juji perhaps y'all could be nice enough to answer all the good people above ?
  2. Then they should say so : Guys theres like 4 of us left, we are doing the best we can.
  3. This so unbelievably unprofessional and quite insulting, though it seems the l2 community has gotten used to this by now....not to mention its just the latest of a long stream of fumbles and unnecessary mistakes that can be avoided with minimal QA. The company is taking advantage of nostalgia and a very loyal player base to perform a money grab...which I AM FINE WITH....but DUDE...at least try to make it like you guys give a damn. All servers are completely infested with bots and adena sellers, the drop rates were broken from the get go ( and yes, you can make due if you know how, but at
  4. Excellent decision, though in this case last month was my final VIP month. Guess both myself and NC will have to enjoy the game in a more "austere" manner.
  5. Idk what can/will be implemented and what wont....and I believe arguing about it is kinda useless, but do you guys really believe that if the class/rates or whatever else would be well balanced and people could enjoy their game there would be as much crying on the matter? do you think it's fair to say "just reroll lol" to someone that simply didn't want to play a nuker ? Something is most definitely broken, and while I may not have the right answers to how it should be fixed I believe this is a good conversation to have...and regardless of whether or not this is a problem for YOU specific
  6. Either remove shots and increase summon stats or decrease shot consumption. Its quite simple really. As for the people advising to reroll, learn adapt and other irrelevant crap like that, please don't spam if you wont contribute to the topic.
  7. Im seeing so many hostile and mosly idiotic responses here. The guy made a fair point : the summoner's main weapon is its summon ( yes yes I know its got other skills and nukes ). And to not be able to play it with soulshots seems ridiculous. @Juji any chance you can weigh in on this so at least we know how the team sees the situation ? Much appreciated
  8. vip 4 700 in queue.....definitely not buying that again But I guess since most boxes and bots are paying customers why would that matter right?
  9. Is scamming nasty ? yes, of course Should it be punishable ? of course not, like with everything else in the game ( and life for that matter ), one must always pay attention.
  10. Thats sad, and I dont suppose theres a lvl point where I can reach break even?
  11. I was really not trying to complain guys...just asking for info.
  12. Hey guys, I've given it a fair amount of time without complaining about it but at this point im a bit confused, here's why : As a lvl 40 PS -my Soulless uses 2 beast shots per hit -my Soulless takes between 3-5 shots to kill a lower lvl mob ( green ) -the cost of a kill is 219a-365a -summoning shots is cheaper than store, true, but its still 36.6a each -this means every time my summon hits it spends 73 or so adena -the mob drops anywhere between 150-300 adena How is this supposed to work ? am I missing something ? If so ple
  13. that's a fair point. I still believe boxing is game breaking rubbish though
  14. yea but theres a lot of people that put effort into lvling up their boxes and now they would rather people left than give up their precious boxes....sad
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