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  1. i have vip acc in Giran srvr . why i have to wait 3 hours and more.. on queue in time i pay you? wtf no progress queue each time i v to login in this srvr. plus i have another non vip account and i v beed on 4 ppl in queue when i started and this remain there no move to log in game after 4 hours .. 4 hours on queue 4 ppl? i think this is a software trick and not server responce to client . you guys solve this shiit with queue wtf u make ppl crazy waiting so far. i m 4 and half hours in fornt of pc do what ? wait for what? u play issues to queue make ppl angry..
  2. the point is that all those.. are in game and active players wana enjoy this game but the can't join. i no care for sellers i wanna play game
  3. we'll not i know, but they have bot report in game and every 5 mins some one wispers sell adena, all those suppose are not ncsoft part so wtf no kick them off. also all those are on software playing afk or all those are afk on fishing or on rb area claiming boxes wtf game is all around trash
  4. Bots spaming Adena sell all around server and we wait on queqe 5 h to log 1500+ on waiting list . why no kick all this tharsh around ..
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