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  1. The game is just missing an active GM team which investigates. Because technically its a race that you can barely win against this kind of software, every game struggles with that. But its a riddle to me why there are no GMs at all...
  2. I would pay that if the rune would not keep counting when im not logged in. All XP Runes right now keep counting time even if im not online so that sucks hardcore
  3. Ideal system would be if the ones attacking a red character flag to the pk too. You cant even defend yourself as pk, thats the main issue. It could be made so that only players flag to the pk on attack if the attacking character is in level range of the pk to avoid abuse.
  4. I think best would have been if they just had made it Subscription based without store and normal drop rates. ofc f2p can make more money for them. I would love to just restart completly on a Subscription server and screw all the shit is spend now on the l2store.
  5. It will even out in a while. Right now most people complain because of the urge to advance in the "race" and it doesnt go fast enough for them. Honestly i think everyone is stil advancing too fast for classic.
  6. THIS actually is why i played lineage back in the day and now play NA classic again!
  7. I dont need todo any research, i played from L2 Beta on plus 4 years and have fond memories of that time. The main issue here is and that many people stil say is exactly that the initial error is the fast level path from 0-20 and then the bullshit with the SS. "not enough adena" - I dont know i made around 40k in 14 hours playtime, most of that ALONE as a damnit elven mystic / oracle by just farming and selling the materials. I stil run around with the beginners weapon who cares. You can buy a full d-grade robe set for already 220k. By this time in one week everyone is in d gear if the p
  8. No not yet. I dont think there are many around from us
  9. All you carebears complaining. Who ever did play this game when it came out 2004? Yes its not the same game but the experience is good. The adena drop rate is ok. From level 21 to 22 as example you stil do an average of 10k in 5-6 hours coming from adena drops and selling of material drops. Since the levels will progress much slower everyone will has enough to buy some gear at some level. The main issue was this stupid 0-20 fastpath. Now we have all you babies crying who dont even remember how l2 was back in the days. And since you are so many crybabies they will listen to you
  10. 10% is awesome. Let it like that. We wanted hardcore, here is hardcore
  11. Hey, just wondering if there are some german people playing on giran, maybe even organized in an clan Regards Shu
  12. That would make it pay to win and is bullshit.
  13. I pretty much like it so far. But it is WAY FASTER then classic l2 was used to be (like as example first class change in like playing 5-6 hours is EXTREME FAST) For the VIP Shop i dont find much stuff there that is helpfull in later game for now, but it helps alot getting to 25 and a bit above pretty fast. Could have less XP but a slight increase in adena and item drop rate imho
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