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  1. P accuracy does absolutely nothing for stabs, and othell auto attack is pointless, i.e. crit swing for 60k damage, vs 1m stab damage
  2. Necroing.... Just wanted to return to the original topic of showing skill crit rate. This stat cannot be shown because each physical skill has it's own crit rate, e.g. a recent nerf (Like a year ago) to archers made their aoe skills go from a base of 10% to 5%, while their single target skills remained at 10%. Of course archer benefits from dex so it's higher in reality. So a counter proposal to showing skill crit rate in stay page is to show crit rate of skills in descriptions.
  3. my experience is accuracy doesn't matter, I am also encouraging people to hunt lower level mobs (optimally kill green mobs) if soloing (i.e. I'm at Alligator Island @ 109), it gives noticeably better kill rate for slightly less xp per mob. If however you're clearing too fast, then sure go to a harder spot.
  4. This is my AP as a 109 Wind Rider. Order of learning (PvE): 1-4: Elemental Attack 5: Might 6-7: Backfire 8-10: Craft Focus (skill crit rate) 11-13: Craft Death 14-15: Focus 16-17: Fire (skill power) 18: Focus 19-21: Death Whisper 22-23: Divine Attack 24-25: Binding Attack 26: Combat Master 28-30: Magicians Elemental Shot (40 attribute is up to 4% more damage if you're under 1000) 31: Skill reduction 32-33: Mortal My Dex is 75, I'm still using the 3 x exalted +3 str dyes
  5. So, my othell kills faster than similarly equipped yul for single targets. Yes, yul can AoE, but othell scales on both normal crit damage and skill crit damage, the former being much easier to start with adena-wise. My information is that othells, at end game, hits harder than yuls for single target, which is overkill in pvp at times, but for pve it means daggers can fight harder mobs for better xp/drops, and bosses melt under othells. One thing I found about the aoe argument, is that there aren't many aoe spots in the game now, coal mines is the only place where AoE *really* matters, oth
  6. So, I tested this a little and found the following: Dex increases skill crit rate, skill crits do 2x damage of non-skill crits (base). Now, KissMyKnife will definitely dispute this, and on the surface he/she is right, because we don't see skill crits doing 2x... I dug a little deeper and found that in fact, the stab damage we see regularly... are already all skill crits. We almost never notice the non-skill crits, because for othells, stabs crit *most* of the time, with lv1 buffs, I was skill crit-ing 99/100 times, I stabbed an NPC ~100 times until I got that one single stab that did
  7. Yea, it's a waste of sp, vs adds patk at the very end of damage calculation, meaning none of your buffs or crit damage modifiers affect it.
  8. I am completely ok with people paying to get certain items in game, however many of those items should be attainable in the game as well. i.e. https://l2wiki.com/Ultimate_Jewelry_Box#Sellers - Jewels. Currently the jewel market is completely dead with a handful of people who hoarded the stuff selling it. Or just sell the items in store permanently, so at least the market is vibrant and new players don't have to wait like 6 months for the next event. Events can then become something more like a sale, where you can buy in bulk. I think NCWest's current strategy is like how some stingy
  9. So depending on the mantra you follow, i.e. str vs dex, DE is best for str and LE is best for dex... As for the difference, str means you hit marginally harder (stabs), and you get more skill resets, i.e. skill has a chance to instantly become available again, so you have a chance to say double stab twice in a row in quick succession. Dex on the other hand, increases the stab land rate marginally, and also increases the chance for your skill to "crit". Without items a skill crit does 2x damage, but that can be increased via items, e.g. SAs. The main advantage of the str mantra i
  10. Current event: https://www.lineage2.com/news/store-update-for-december Ultimate Freya's Fortune Stick x100 (120 Hero Coins) Contains (100) Freya's Fortune Stick and (1) Freya’s Rune (7-day) Box. 9,600 NC Coin (40% discount) Lv. 95 and above Last year: https://www.lineage2.com/news/freyas-fortune-stick-2018 Ultimate Freya’s Fortune Stick Bundle (x100) (84 hero coins) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x100)
  11. nope, plenty of f2p games thriving, e.g. DoTA, CS:GO, Path of Exile...etc. What are the common aspects for these games? Little to no P2W. One would be surprised on the amount of money people spend on cosmetics, you can even have rare cosmetics from loot boxes and people spend hundreds on it. Multiply hundreds by tens of thousands of players, and it dwarfs the thousands of dollars by 100 players. NCWest's business model right now is to do the least and reap from the rich, a volatile strategy because just 1 rich person quitting will cause a severe dip in revenue, instead of being a hard wor
  12. Thanks for the 10s catch I think ET has 5% more attribute defense not 150, and yea -5% cooldowns.
  13. Only played Eva's Templar in this new update so can only comment on that: Othellot Cubic: Infinite MP. You don't run out. Period. 9% hp every 10s, if you have 100k hp, that's 9k.... That's like 5 panic heals. Hawk Cubic: Run speed - You can outrun most people, great for positioning before your aoe skills, e.g. hate, stuns, aegis Shield def - works both defensively, and offensively (2hand stance) 5 skills that pull/push, it interrupts skills 101 aura gives 100 defensive attribute, which can give up to ~10% damage reduction.
  14. Wish I could solo it, but I'm in twilight I'm a mostly 1 shot there
  15. *ALL* items should be available to be farmed by players *ingame*. I don't care if you want to bind the items to the player so they cannot sell them, and will require nccoin to seal them to sell (i.e. longing, insanity...etc), that's fine, and still allows players to pay their way to the top of the food chain. Having items that *only* p2w players can get just means that it's a game of who's the richest IRL, and even though I occasionally spend on NCCoin (thousands, over the course of almost 14 years), I still believe that time investment, clan cooperation, and game knowledge should at
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