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  1. best gear to get for othell

    So, my othell kills faster than similarly equipped yul for single targets. Yes, yul can AoE, but othell scales on both normal crit damage and skill crit damage, the former being much easier to start with adena-wise. My information is that othells, at end game, hits harder than yuls for single target, which is overkill in pvp at times, but for pve it means daggers can fight harder mobs for better xp/drops, and bosses melt under othells. One thing I found about the aoe argument, is that there aren't many aoe spots in the game now, coal mines is the only place where AoE *really* matters, otherwise xp spots are either limited by spawn rate, or have ranged mobs that mean they're spread out enough for aoe to be less effective. Sure AoE is still going to be better xp, but not nearly as huge a deal as people say. Positioning: I have played Fortune Seeker and Wind Rider up to 105/107, shadow chase cooldown is pretty fast, you can pretty much use it for every mob, it lands very well in pve and then you only need a few stabs after that to kill a mob. Otherwise, my WR has flanking stabs meaning I really don't worry too much about face tanking mobs. I rarely see an issue in my autohunt macro. PoM (Heirophant 101 buff) is a *significant* boost to othell damage. It's 56.25% more damage provided it's a skill crit, and othells skill crit 90+% of the time from behind (and flank if WR), with party xp bonus, it makes sense to duo with a heirophant. My current gear: +5 bloody r99 shaper 5/5 (yes single hand, I'm adding a r110 shield for +skill power later) exalted armour, exalted cloak longing, 7 signs, venir 10 ruby3,opal3...etc. exalted quest freebies ekimus belt I kill as fast as or faster than +12 bloody r99 yuls at beleths. Only ppl I see so far that kill faster than me: evis on steel mind. Next things I'm working on: +7/10/15 elmore cloak (I'll see what I can get my hands on given the resources I have) +12 my weapon attempt to get +15% crit damage augment upgrade dragon shirt get dragon/angels ring (same thing as PoM, double stacking crit and skill crit damage, 15% -> 32.25% more damage), considering paulina's ring for same effect but only 30 day (hint: oly warriors ring has same effect) enchant skills to +10 (currently only a handful at +5) artifacts Othells are actually one of the easiest classes to gear *initially* so they're not completely useless at 105, your exalted weapon and armor will get you to 107 without issues *SOLOING*. They have an easier gear progression than Yuls; even if Yuls are the most OP class in the game, it's hard to gear one to that degree, I chew up yuls on rando xp spot pvp on my WR, it's not even fair. But a well geared Yul will destroy me, as I have no gear to speak of.
  2. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    So, I tested this a little and found the following: Dex increases skill crit rate, skill crits do 2x damage of non-skill crits (base). Now, KissMyKnife will definitely dispute this, and on the surface he/she is right, because we don't see skill crits doing 2x... I dug a little deeper and found that in fact, the stab damage we see regularly... are already all skill crits. We almost never notice the non-skill crits, because for othells, stabs crit *most* of the time, with lv1 buffs, I was skill crit-ing 99/100 times, I stabbed an NPC ~100 times until I got that one single stab that did "half" damage, in fact that was the non-skill crit. Without buffs, it was more like 9/10 stabs were skill crits. This is with just passives, and the +10% skill crit rate AP. Sorry for misleading you at the beginning DEX *does* affect skill crit rate, but it just doesn't matter much, if at all, for othell stabs. A hint to this behaviour is how almost all damage skills in the game has Focus enchant route, but stabs do not because they just crit so g.d. much anyway. TL;DR Go +str dyes, not because dex doesn't affect skill crit rate, but because othell stabs already skill crit 99+% of the time.
  3. Bug Vicious Stance and Focus Attack - Warlord

    Yea, it's a waste of sp, vs adds patk at the very end of damage calculation, meaning none of your buffs or crit damage modifiers affect it.
  4. L2 Store

    I am completely ok with people paying to get certain items in game, however many of those items should be attainable in the game as well. i.e. https://l2wiki.com/Ultimate_Jewelry_Box#Sellers - Jewels. Currently the jewel market is completely dead with a handful of people who hoarded the stuff selling it. Or just sell the items in store permanently, so at least the market is vibrant and new players don't have to wait like 6 months for the next event. Events can then become something more like a sale, where you can buy in bulk. I think NCWest's current strategy is like how some stingy restaurant owners run their business: Serve the least amount of food for the most money. Sure, the margins are awesome, but you'll have very little revenue at the end of the day because of low number of customers. If you're relying on a few hundred players who spend thousands a month, that's unreliable income, all it takes is 1 person to stop playing for whatever reason and you just lost a good chunk of your revenue. If you instead cater to thousands of players who spend a hundred or so a month (with a handful still spending thousands), you don't have to worry about your revenue bouncing up and down just because of a few players or unpopular events.
  5. What is the best race for Othel

    So depending on the mantra you follow, i.e. str vs dex, DE is best for str and LE is best for dex... As for the difference, str means you hit marginally harder (stabs), and you get more skill resets, i.e. skill has a chance to instantly become available again, so you have a chance to say double stab twice in a row in quick succession. Dex on the other hand, increases the stab land rate marginally, and also increases the chance for your skill to "crit". Without items a skill crit does 2x damage, but that can be increased via items, e.g. SAs. The main advantage of the str mantra is you have an increased chance for a skill reset on limit break type buffs, I.e. UE, hide...etc. whereas dex is generally considered to have a more reliable increase in overall DPS, as you don't have to keep an eye on the skill resetting and also be dexterous enough to use that to your advantage instantly.
  6. Current event: https://www.lineage2.com/news/store-update-for-december Ultimate Freya's Fortune Stick x100 (120 Hero Coins) Contains (100) Freya's Fortune Stick and (1) Freya’s Rune (7-day) Box. 9,600 NC Coin (40% discount) Lv. 95 and above Last year: https://www.lineage2.com/news/freyas-fortune-stick-2018 Ultimate Freya’s Fortune Stick Bundle (x100) (84 hero coins) Freya’s Fortune Stick (x100) Freya’s Rune (30-day) Pack (x1) Hero Coin (x84) 4,800 NC Coin Lv. 85 and above
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    nope, plenty of f2p games thriving, e.g. DoTA, CS:GO, Path of Exile...etc. What are the common aspects for these games? Little to no P2W. One would be surprised on the amount of money people spend on cosmetics, you can even have rare cosmetics from loot boxes and people spend hundreds on it. Multiply hundreds by tens of thousands of players, and it dwarfs the thousands of dollars by 100 players. NCWest's business model right now is to do the least and reap from the rich, a volatile strategy because just 1 rich person quitting will cause a severe dip in revenue, instead of being a hard working company, that earns it's pay from the masses. I feel saddened by this, especially since NCWest is by far the worst offender out of all the NC* companies around the world. Some of this is because of Richard Garriott screwing up NCWest with his failed Tabula Rasa, gets fired for pretty much funnelling all the company's funds into said game (I remember chatting with a GM, who said they had no resources to fix their website [remember when the library was 3 years out of date?], because of "another project"), and then taking millions after successfully suing the company for firing him. NCWest has been struggling with cashflow because they haven't produced a decent game in almost a decade. So unless NCWest will invest into hiring good people to actually run the game, the 2 or so employees responsible for L2 will not be able to do anything other than try to lengthen the demise of this great, but ruined game; and that would by boosting their short term sales figures without regard for the future. I wish they would just sell the rights to a company that actually cares... Even Lineage 1 is generating more revenue than L2... Who here wants to form a company that buys rights of dying games (due to shitty management) and actually run them properly?
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of each knight?

    Thanks for the 10s catch I think ET has 5% more attribute defense not 150, and yea -5% cooldowns.
  9. Advantages and Disadvantages of each knight?

    Only played Eva's Templar in this new update so can only comment on that: Othellot Cubic: Infinite MP. You don't run out. Period. 9% hp every 10s, if you have 100k hp, that's 9k.... That's like 5 panic heals. Hawk Cubic: Run speed - You can outrun most people, great for positioning before your aoe skills, e.g. hate, stuns, aegis Shield def - works both defensively, and offensively (2hand stance) 5 skills that pull/push, it interrupts skills 101 aura gives 100 defensive attribute, which can give up to ~10% damage reduction.
  10. XP Spot 100+

    Wish I could solo it, but I'm in twilight I'm a mostly 1 shot there
  11. Fix to current p2w

    *ALL* items should be available to be farmed by players *ingame*. I don't care if you want to bind the items to the player so they cannot sell them, and will require nccoin to seal them to sell (i.e. longing, insanity...etc), that's fine, and still allows players to pay their way to the top of the food chain. Having items that *only* p2w players can get just means that it's a game of who's the richest IRL, and even though I occasionally spend on NCCoin (thousands, over the course of almost 14 years), I still believe that time investment, clan cooperation, and game knowledge should at least be *factor* in how well you do in the game. I know you're trying to milk the game before it finally dies, but what you're doing is immoral and only serves to ruin the already crappy NC West name. In fact I believe that with the many people who still love the game, but are unwilling/unable to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the game just to remain relevant, you can still earn a killing through a large number of smaller purchases, instead of relying on a handful of p2w players making humongous purchases. It's only smart business to not rely on only a few customers, in case some of them suddenly decide to quit. I know of a player who regularly spent thousands of dollars on the game, just to quit because he felt like there was no challenge to it, and within an instant you lost a customer who pretty much bankrolled a handful of your employees singlehandedly. The past 2 events and the upcoming circlet event are *all* brand new items, which NCWest forcibly made into p2w when other regions have them available in game. You don't need to remove p2w, you just need to remove p2w being the *only* way to win.
  12. Othells, dual dagger or single dagger and why ?

    From what I gathered, dual daggers have 1.5x crit multiplier, whereas single dagger has 2x. However, for stabs the damage is approximately the same, with dual daggers giving a tiny amount more damage due to higher patk.
  13. XP Spot 100+

    I'm a 100 wind rider (dual class), gear: +12 Bloody Dual dagger (fire, mp fire) +3 twilight set (working on this XD) Ruby 4, Opal 4, Diamond 3, Vit 4 Longing, Abundance 1, Anakim, Venir 10 AQ soul, creation ring, frint soul, special earring (stun), special earring (mental attack) I can do upper GC no problem, should I just stay there? Until I can tank phantasmal ridge or lower GC? What should I work on in terms of gear? My main is a 101 Eva's Templar... if that's relevant at all. A separate question... I really only want my dual as something I can play solo when there's nothing else to do, dagger seems like the best choice out there, even though the armour sharing part is an issue.
  14. Othells, dual dagger or single dagger and why ?

    Dual dagger has more patk for when you want to auto attack more, this could be because of doing raids and you have a competent tank to keep aggro and you can always attack from behind. Single hand dagger has a *slightly* quicker skill animation, so it's more skill spam oriented. In terms of quickest damage output, skills will have better burst damage, but even though the cooldowns are pretty low you'll have some "downtime" between skill cycles. I cannot empirically claim which has a better overall dps, but if you spam skills without mana source (recharger or pots or herbs), you'll run out of it. At end game, if you want to solo the hard areas (e.g. lower GC, superion...etc) you will *need* to use your skills to disable and take advantage of being able to kill from behind as fast as you can without taking too much damage. An example of the difference in damage between auto attacks and skill damage: You can crit with auto attacks almost 100% from behind ~6k damage, and you hit really really fast. A backstab hits for 25k damage, but will take up ~2-3 swings of auto attack time, and it *might* miss completely. However you also have a good chance (depending on your gear and tat setup) to skill crit, which is 2x by default, but can be boosted up to 2.54x with the right SAs and AP, so that's 63.5k damage, about 3-4x the damage than auto attacking. So if you have all the correct gear, your stabs will always be better than auto attacks, but for the commoners like us, dual dagger is a good balance between auto attacking and the *very slightly* slower skill animation. Another factor is a shield. It might be counter intuitive, but a shield lowering your evasion increases the likelihood for you to get hit, so that counter crit (+100% crit damage, stacks multiplicatively, so stabs are another 2x damage) can trigger. In this case single dagger is required. But again, you'd need to possess enough gear for this to make much of a difference.