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  1. och that sounds very bad. So what is the source of new equipment especially above C-grade? There is nothing in luxury shop in Giran. One more additional question if you could answer: are here offline shops? Thank you for all your answers
  2. Thank you very much. So another question: why sell price for everything Is so low? Especially for materials and recipes its 0. I suppose that it is not a bug and it is not gonna change?
  3. Hello, I'm returning player (after 15 year;)). Three question to you: 1) are catacumbs available? - seems to be not 2) spell books - can't find seller for the most simple books. Is it available? If not, where can I get SB: concentration and SB:resurection 3) any recommended drop calculator or something? I used to use pm fun however it seems to be not currently actual. Kind regards for any responses
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