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  1. Banned Accounts?

    I've had an se banned for leveling near spiders (banned while resting for MP surrounded by bots) Apparently I was the one using third party programs yet two other clients on pc were fine. I've also had a level 1 toon sitting afk in town banned for 3rd party. I'm not sure how ncsoft determines what these third party programs are I can only imagine the shitty xenocode is picking up on the pc and flagging it as 3rd party but your accounts are gone and they don't care cause they'll keep making money from whales or you'll keep playing and they still win.
  2. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    @Juji So is the recipe actually for a zuebei helm and not the weapon ? Haven't actually tried to craft yet.
  3. Recipie: Spirit staff (60%) Bugged

    Well met I've added the spirit staff (60%) recipe to my craft book, It displays as a sealed helmet first issue, when clicking into it to see materials needed it shows as a Sealed Zubei's Helmet, Shows that it requires the Spirit staff (60%) recipe but the rest of the materials listed are for a regular Zubei helm craft. Clearly an issue with the recipe. The only steps I can see for reproducing would be just adding it to a craft book.
  4. WTB Crafter: Demon's Staff

    Dunno but have a craft shop up in giran for 150k
  5. Ban on using box ?

    Unfortunately to add to this a couple of us have basically confirmed the bot captcha can appear off screen if you load in borderless windowed mode and do not initialize after entering the game. This will basically let it count down unnoticed and action will be taken and ncsoft takes a hard stance that you're cheating even if innocent. In trying to bring this to light with the gm team after having an account banned they basically told me to go blow , great customer support turning away paying customers instead of admitting they have an issue. Anyways maybe this can help someone in their battle to get their account back.
  6. Accounts Closed for Illegal Third-Party Programs

    I had one get locked out in the sweep yesterday and I was actively playing on that window at the time, the two other accounts I had loaded were not touched. No bot reports, no captcha as no one else was around me. Only other thing loaded was netflix don't believe that would trigger xincod3. Obviously there is a problem and they need to acknowledge it as its going to affect the response times of appeals and support.
  7. Well one day they will merge servers maybe at that time can join the rest of the devianne crew
  8. Mass ban is a new event?

    Had an account sitting in town doing the daily event buff/item , locked last night due to suspicious activity. I guess it all makes sense somehow.
  9. Wish you were on talking island , id love to steal all your adena art again <3