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  1. *hits blunt* Changing The Adena Drop Rate To More Is A Bad Idea.
  2. I bet this has been done on purpose. Of NA greed. Oh NA... u had so much potential.
  3. Cocaine is one helluva drug Yeah, and did u had L2store with shots and etc. back in the day? Don't give me that shit with making profit. There could be cosmetics or something else, I don't mind exp runes boost also. Spoilers/crafters are nerfed af. They won't help you. For example with sword of solidarity u use 10-13 shots to kill 20+ lv mob. Thats 80-100+ adena. MOB DROPS 58. (NON VIP) But wait. Imagine the D grade ss price. I bet you callin out us crybabies while put 100+dollars into the game. This is not my first classic, if it was good or atleast DECENT there wouldnt be s
  4. A list of things that u won't understand with common sense * -12% exp when u die *Some mobs (example Dion Eye Searchers, wolfs, rangers , bears, orcs etc.) give 100-150 xp * By playing SOLO lv 22(not being VIP) not that u can't afford equipment or atleast a fkin upgrade to 70k sword, u can't even afford SOULSHOTS. Adena drop rate is retarded. (Might be fked up on purpose fk knows) * not only the adena drop rate is fked, items too. Can't remember a server when u have to kill 20-30 mobs to atleast get a coal or a fkin stem and this is not my first classic server x1 .:)
  5. Yeah and if u think around Dion Monster Eye Searcher x2hp gives 100 xp is ok then u got several diseases
  6. + I dont understand also why arround dion only bugbears give the correct XP ? WHAT THE bleep Wolf, and eye searches give like 80xp thats a fkuing joke
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