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  1. Did all of that and checked warehouse. Nothing new there.
  2. A GM responded that the pack has already transfered to my account, however I don't see it anywhere in my account too. Nor to dimensional merchant. Is this a new bug? (Furthermore, I get a message everytime I log in that I can use the World chat 0 times)
  3. You were right. They removed the ability to purchase it now. So no more message "the item has limited purchase". This can be considered a fix... right?
  4. Have they fixed the issue at anyone here? This is the 8th day that I am minus -65% in experience gains.
  5. @Hime OMG! I have the same, 100% exact issue as Violar for 7days. I've contacted support 4 times since then and had been giving me the same answers as Violar. I've been posting the forums here many times. And now I hear there is an issue that must be reviewed on a case by case. What have the team been doing for a week? My ticket number is 22215760. Check it please!
  6. Another day, as usual, where I am gonna be minus -65%-75% in experience gains compared to my clanmates thanks to Ncsoft. Not only I am -4 levels at least (30lvl now where I could be 34lvl+), but some clans began kicking low level players who stay behind in levels. You shouldn't just fix the pack for us, but give us the lost experience too. And in case we will get kicked out of clans because of YOU, you are obliged to give us more huge benefits. All these actions I've said just now are just for balancing. Professional companies give more back to players than balancing actions.
  7. Chronicle pack

    They shouldn't just give us the chronicle pack when they fix it. They should also give us all the levels we lost these days without having the pack (+50% exp and +15% exp for VIP3 or +25% exp VIP4). Another day, as usual, where I will be minus -65% -75% in experience gains compared to my clanmembers. 3 levels lost and continues...
  8. Server was in maintanance. It was reseted. Launch Packs were extented in duration for purchase. But... ..NO fix yet! Another day, as usual, where I would be minus -65%-75% in experience gains compared to my teamates with packs and vip3/4.
  9. The kind of treatment we are getting for this issue doesn't correspond to professionals.
  10. GOODBYE classic launch package

    Everybody cares, myself included. Support does nothing except giving you an automated response when they answer your ticket. We paid money to get these packs. And we can't.
  11. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    The issue is: I didn't buy it because... I CAN"T buy it! I've added NCoins to my account 3 days ago with real money and the error-limited purchase message keeps popping up all the time when I am trying to buy the chronicle pack from the site.
  12. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    6.5hours left until the packs expire and still no fix for those who paid real money to get them. I am stucked with my NCoins in my account for 3-4days without being able to buy the chronicle pack (giran server).
  13. Launcher packs

    Guys I am really frustrated that I can't buy chronicle pack at my current character in Giran server. My clan is farming 6hours per day and I've been farming with them for the past 2-3days. We began farming at the same levels together in the same room and now, after 3 days, I am already 2 levels behind them only because I can't get the launch pack as they have already done! Fix it please! Only 1 day left! Add it to my account, my NCoins are right there!!
  14. Classic Launch Packs FAQ AGAIN!

    I have the same problem exactly. I get the same message when I am trying to purchase chronicle pack with my NCOins: " "this item has limited purchase. Please check requirements." I have contacted support 15hours ago and I've still got no response!
  15. So, with PDT time, servers will be down 4.5hours for maintanace. But with GMT+1 time, servers will be down for 5.5hours for maintanace... I think you have made a mistake at the starting and ending times in GMT+1 time, cause they are calculated for 5.5hours downtime.