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  1. Undercover CP is joining NCSoft server Giran tomorrow Friday 12th October. We are going to be an Archer CP. As our normal Bishop/ EE cannot join the server, we are now looking for an experienced Bishop or EE to join us. Main criteria: - 4-5 hours playtime almost every night from 20:00 GMT+3 (exceptions are accepted, we will have some drivers) - Willing to purchase for exp boosts (at least Chronicle Pack and scrolls to fast lvl 40) - Good English speaker. CP is predominantly Greek (5/9), French (2/9) and Lithuanian (1/9) - Willing to play on this server for a long time In case you are interested to join our awesome team, please add me on Discord: iRadicaL#7101. Please keep in mind that in Discord names are Case Sensitive. Hurry up and snatch that last spot! https://discord.gg/AWtKn2
  2. @Juji @Hime you are the best now we can play classic. Thank you very much for your effort.
  3. To let people think they are reading it.
  4. Issues Status Update - 10.9.2018

    @Juji and @Hime I truly can't believe this is official server anymore.
  5. How did you made 200-300 k grinding for 10-12 hours if I made 22k grinding for 7 hours ? @MMOBlitz wake up bro I farmed in EG lvl 31
  6. @Hime probably because you are not going to change that adena drop/spoil now you will lose half of the community on this server who are free two play will leave I guarantee. I understand its p2w but be realistic this is not classic we were waiting for from the patch notes which you promised.
  7. Well people always gets email if someone log on their account and if it's unauthorized they can report but if they don't report them then maybe then log in was authorised by the person who own the account. It shouldn't be like that 4 people from my CP got banned last evening because of nothing and this will set us back waiting to get unbanned...
  8. Top BP lf CP in Giran server

    Thank you already found CP
  9. Top BP lf CP in Giran server

    It's not really comfortable time zone.
  10. Top BP lf CP in Giran server

    Chronicle pack +4k ncoins.
  11. Skype m.a.n.t.a.s.2 for more info. I been playing game for a long time from lineage2.ro dex&wrath,Played in clan Shadows there. Beyond , BFDR. In RPG-club OCC. In Chronos now FS clan. A lot of mid rate servers for fun. Looking for CP between GMT 20.30 to 02.00 but can be altered.