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  1. there is clearly a problem on the definition of grind
  2. Destro vs Tyrr.

    destro= beast in certain conditions , very poor in others tyrant= very good in almost everythink pvp against a standing not moving target destro>tyrant pvp against Real game situations tyrant>>> destro
  3. Is WC VR the same as SE VR?

    yes its the same, but SE gets and levels up VR sooner 80% return? more like 6%
  4. BD or SWS for summoner?

    a general rule regarding singers/dancers pve:bd>sws pvp:sws>bd
  5. What Support good with SR

    if you want 1 support then profet is the way to go , he has all the buffs a warcrier has but you get them sooner plus berzerker buff witch is Super usefull as an archer and also some minor other buffs like bless the body ,mental shield(a must for pvp), holyweapon and also has more mp left for heals. if you are greedy and want 2 supports then get profet+ bladedancer
  6. Spellhowler

    solo pve: sph>sorc>sps>necro depends if youhave CDL, in any case sph is king of solo farming aoe pve: sorc>necro=sph=sps pvp: sps>sph>necro>sorc assuming only late game this would change to necro>sps>sph>sorc
  7. DA issues

  8. advice on boxing

    1)enter+alt =window mode ,this will make changing clients very fast 2) get a second screen, 3) macros
  9. camera bug ?

    if right click stucks sounds like Mouse issue to me if you right click and the game gets it as double click and camera resets you can disable double right click camera reset from options
  10. tunnel vision at its finest
  11. instead of have fun pvping for xp spots and not caring about xp loss since you have all this Free xp , this Community is so carebear farm mode that want free SP also after that they will cry for xp loss from death you guys are so soft and squishy is actually rly funny.
  12. Alts Clan Pk Against bots

    its a blast from the past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh1VUIFKwU8
  13. D&C Crystals

    i will offer some example: D grade crystals Leather boots ,cheapest npc price is 22990 and when cruystalized gives 38 crsystal D grade so 22990/38=605 adena per crystal Now lets try to craft leather boots: leather boot lining 4x1000=4000 Leather 8*750=6000 CBP 1x300=300 suede 3x130=390 gem stone D 1*1100=1100 crafting cost 250 total=4000+6000+300+390+1100+250=12040, 12040/38=317 adena per crystal C grade crystals 1. revolution+revolution buying from npc store is : revolution 1540000*2=3080000 crystal d 179*605=108295 sop 20*2500=50000 total=3080000+108295+50000=3238295 when crystalized gives 1148 crystal c so 3238295/1148= 2820 adena per crystal 2. now lets try to craft aquastone ring: Silver mold 12000 crystal d 25*605=15125 vop 3*8000=24000 mettalic fiber 600*15=9000 aquastore ring wire 8*1900=15200 gemstre c 2*3300=6600 crafting cost 2000 total=1200+15125+24000+9000+15200+6600+2000=73125 , when crystalized gives 41 crystal c, so 73125/41=1784 adena per crystal As you can see if someone invest in buystores and crafting, he can make crystals well below the prices you mention.
  14. Summoners and Beast Shots

    no you are not missing anything, these stuff were known from the beginning about summoners see the bright side you have a pet that can hit as a well equipped character lvl 40, with c grade