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  1. Why aren't these available in the L2 Coin shop? Only available in the NCoin shop. Just about everything else that is available in NCoin shop is available in the L2 Coin shop, but not the 3 max daily support packs. Because after these have been purchased or used up, the only alternative is 5NCoin per or 50K adena per (Or via clan shop with honor coins). Again, another example of shadow price gouging. Why create a limiting factor that enables consistent forward progress? Baffling, to say the least.
  2. Yes, it's called Demand-Pull Inflation. It happens when demand outstrips supply. But it also works hand in hand with gear prices and other items NC marketed as "available" to players. It's a demand curve shift to the right that is for sure. It's not about being a fan of them or not. I am looking at the long term health of the server here. Don't want to see it die out in a few months because one clan controls everything. And it's slightly suspicious certain members are visiting that site that sells gear. Why would these people know all about this? Why monitor it? If someone says the
  3. Hey if what you guys are doing is above board, fine. If you're following the rules, fine, got nothing to worry about. However, I've personally never seen an economy get so inflated so fast. And that's partly due to a supply problem because of a monopoly. This wall of words could be construed as something to hide/protect. Players should be banned if they're breaking rules left and right for their own personal financial gain. Last time I checked, NCSoft frowns on using their IP to earn fiat currency, yes? People know how to play, but they all don't have deep pockets to control an
  4. Monopolies have what is known as a poisoning effect. This is one problem with how the mechanics of rewards are set up. It is known a particular clan has dumped thousands upon thousands of dollars (or Euros) to dominate the server. Since we can't mention a certain acronym, if it is going on, it will end up ruining the server. Plus, that acronym has been known to be associated with criminal activities (stealing credit card data, personal information). I don't know what NCSoft's Marginal Cost of Enforcement against criminal activity is. Maybe they're happy with this regime. But, many a
  5. Or a person that you want to throw money at. Imagine removing the blindfold and it's someone terrifying.
  6. Yes. Give people a reason to get started and invest in their toons. If the perception is that it's too hard to get started, you limit your customer base to those with only large amounts of disposable income. Broaden your base for a better revenue stream.
  7. It would be nice if NCSoft could publish probabilities in game about the chances to enchant talismans, belts, and capes. I've bought 2 packs and just about everything blew up going from 0 to 1. If I had known the probabilities were so low for successfully enchanting these items, I might have reconsidered my purchases. 4000 NCoin gone for destroying stuff. Best I was able to get was +3 Evas, +3 Speed, +2 Belt, +4 Cloak, and some level 2 jewels. The combine probabilities are stupidly low in my mind as well. Additionally, the event that gives 6 Event boxes - It's been a week a
  8. 1000 Pet Feed will get you 1 craft point if anyone is lazy and has adena to burn. But, yes, Random Craft is exactly that: Random. It's not very smart or intelligent. In a way, it's like a tease. So it's like going to a Casino and a Strip Club at the same time.
  9. Update on peg and that's it so I don't get in trouble for bumping. Bid: 2.3M Ask: 3.0M As your plight Shaierel, maybe the powers that be will read this CX stuff and make adjustments.
  10. So we'll use the bid/ask model: Lowest Bid: 2.0M adena Highest Ask (That I have seen - 2 days ago it was up to 5M): 2.5M [This number could be higher as of 10/1.] So about the same spread as before when it was Bid: 1.5M Ask: 2.0M So if there's a middle to be met it's 2.25M per 1 1000 L2 Coin Box. So, yes, demand pull inflation is real. Prices are going up to induce those with credit cards to supply the market. Don't you all just love economics? This current P2W system needs some tweaks, but it can work in a way that meets player's preferences. Watch fo
  11. Pretty much spot on. It's supply and demand. When supply shifts left, like when bots go bye bye, well, new eq. price if demand is constant is higher than before. I have my own laundry list of wishes of sorts, but I won't waste my breath. Though I have seen dominating/monopolist clans rise and fall in the past, this one seems different on Elc. Server. But when your bots/alts can defend a spot like how farmers did in the old days, only way to win is to overwhelm with numbers. I'm tired. Subjugation time.
  12. Apparently, the pet will auto attack no matter what. Is it supposed to be like this? It just runs in and I don't want that. Can't seem to turn it off.
  13. Did you see the Collection Set, "Fashion Terrorist?"
  14. I remember DC was the De Facto set for DE nukers, along with SoM. But now you can mix and match, which I really like.
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