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  1. People using additional software to support their boxes. ... third party programs are illegal. I never told that drop rate should be reduced. And i never told that box are illegal. There should be treated like one in my opition. You are repeat me that they are OK, because some else also allows it. Hence my comparison.
  2. If someone is stealing, that don't give you a right to steal yourself. Because you will be "left behind". Everybody should steal... if you don't allow this, you will ban only good guys? The thief will continue to steal.
  3. If you allow BOX, you allow third party programs to handle them. Alt+TAB and mouse ... is not enough - don't fool yourself. One more steps and you allow people to use bots... "I want to play but don't have much time so i left my PC to play for me". Don't have time? Make the time. BOX was never a good solution. It was "a solution". But right know with this what is happening on the servers... you can tell that it is a very bad solution. Because someone else is doing it, is not a argument.
  4. Sorry, no excuse. If you want achieve something... you must make sacrifices. Box is some kind of cheat in my vocabulary. Make your own clan, find people with a similar approach. There is a lot of solution... but the easiest are often taken without thinking. More "online" people = better advertising. Shame that is no more than 2000 actual people. (Giran) With time even less...
  5. The hard true is that bots should be banned and servers wiped! That is the only solution that i can see right now. (I dont expect that... it is what they should do, not what they will do) What a sick idea was approval BOX in F2P game... this was their second nail to the coffin. There isn't enough people to play... so lets one player play more character at once!
  6. F2P should be FREE TO PLAY game. If you are creating P2W game... call it PAY2WIN! As i said before... only free part of this game is launcher. Company failed exploit F2P ... expecting a lot of money ... and we all see the result of that. F2P is easier to advertising but P2W not so much... I really don't have problem with Pay2Convenience. I prefer that they put weapon/armor in to the shop and remove all the BOTs. There always will be someone better that you or with more money that you. But now this game is destroyed and nobody care and tell me "it is part of the game" BS
  7. And it is game community fault who accept this as it is. Just like you did this now.
  8. No. When people stop eating because they don't like the taste... what do you think will happen? That is difference between us. I love the game Lineage2... company that is destroying this game is my enemy. And I'm trying fight for something that i love.
  9. You think? 80% who speak on this forum already using BOT. "It is part of the game"....
  10. Yes... playing with yourself in MMO is SO MUCH FUN! Keep playing and never give up!
  11. Why are you defending them?! It is NOT your job! You are a customer and YOU decide what product it will become. Shame a lot of people are used to bot/cheats and defends it at all costs. Most of you (readers) have already forgot how you should actually play this game
  12. Really? Seriously you don't understand this? You can't sell your own weapon. You don't get enough adena and you can't buy better weapons and make progress. Of course I know you will tell me it is player fault... No problem BOT.
  13. It is affect economy of the game... so It is affects YOU directly. So as long it is "only" the game you are allowed to use any means necessary to win? So cracking your account and stealing all your staff is OK. Remember ... it's only a game, don't be mad. Again. Sell something (Top NG weapon - Giran price 270k) on market... 140k and ppl are not buying (oversaturation of the market) It is only one simple example of many more. If you think it is OK.... think again.
  14. Nobody have problem with hard grinding... on the contrary. Sorry... time has passed and you still don't understand anything
  15. True Didn't think about that So why it crashed....
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