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  1. That's what they say in the actualization from Oct 6th
  2. this? https://ibb.co/dGDFPFB it is so easy to win in the olimpyads
  3. this? https://ibb.co/9ZtB6sH it does not says 350 sayhsa
  4. It is not crying, I say it again if you say the attendance check was until the 15th it means the 15th you get the reward, I did the math for that reason, but nobody could claim the reward on the 15th, so they made a "mistake" with the dates, because in reality was until the 14th
  5. My only problem with the attendance check is, it didn't end on the 15th like it says, it ended on the 14th, nobody got the item from the 15th
  6. can the maintenance delay at least an hour so we can claim the item?
  7. and when the server will be down for the maintenance tomorrow, due the attendance reset at 6:30 am server time will we have time to claim the item on the 15h?
  8. but if is until the 15th that means you should be able to get the item in the 15th as well
  9. so what time the server resets every day to get the attendance reward?, and when the server start its maintenance?
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