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  1. Thanks for all your replies but as a casual gamer this is too much time for me. I was hoping there might be another solution but it appears not.
  2. So apart from trying to do a dungeon before I am ready there is no " normal " way to level up apart from countless hours of just watching my character kill the same mobs over and over ? I like to have several characters as well so this means I will waste countless hours on mindless activity. Why would the developers produce a game with this stupid system it must cost them many thousands of players who quit in frustration as I am about to do. Such a shame as I was enjoying this game buy there are hundreds of other games out there.
  3. Just went to the dungeon talking to npc then dead before I could do a thing ! Was enjoying this game so far but there is no guidance so will probably stop playing unless I can work out wtf is going on.
  4. make sure to use that and sayhas grace potions+ sayhas gusts xp before you run the dungon. hat is this and where do I enter this dungeon ?
  5. I am doing Sea of Spores Quest and have killed 200. The quest says reach level 45 ( I am 41 ). Do I have to grind hour after hour here to reach level 45 or are there side quests to reach this level ?
  6. Obtained above quest but upon arrival I can not access or fight the monsters ??? Is there something I am missing ?
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