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  1. Trying? You let bots run rampant from day one, you create a pay2win server within 6 months of the release when you told us there would be only cosmetics and some consumables items, you just disappear for weeks and ignore everyone on the forums, you bleep up information time and time again. Tell me, what have you tried so far? Its truly beyond me how a company can still be this bad at handling its game after 10 years. What are you actually doing is my question since running a game does not seem to be a part of your main focus.
  2. Another bleep up by this great company. It is truly amazing how they manage to do it.
  3. Same issue here and it has been over 24h since I got it yesterday.
  4. It is beyond me how you can be so bad at this..
  5. An update how you will fix this would be great..
  6. So you are telling us that people got their weapons back that they blew up? THIS is a whole new level of wrong, GM:s interfering with gameplay and giving some players a huge unfair advantage is the next level of the horrendous support you have for this game. There is one thing not acting enough, there is something completely different in acting too much. This should be fixed asap.
  7. Hello, I know this is not the right way but I feel like I need to get some attention to my brothers issue as well. He was blocked a week ago and the only response so far was asking him for his information that you already had in the ticket previously. He created a second ticket because it took you so long to respond to the first (older ticket that he used for the same issue that got resolved) and he wasn't sure if you even saw that one or not. His ticket numbers are: New: 22140274 Old: 21859579 So ask you @Hime and @Juji to look into this so we can finally play this game to
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