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  1. SS BUG

    I made a try and send a ticket with complain and also with a video .... the answer GM Kairun March 06, 2019 18:32 Hello, In order to investigate further, we need some more information from you. Please provide us with as much information as possible from the below: Date of the issue Time of the incident (PST/CST/EST/GMT) Any other information you think may help We’ll be happy to further investigate this issue for you once we receive this information. Also, please note that Soulshots may vary on the type of item you are using to work just like your Soulshot (R-grade) which requires R-Grade weapons. We look forward to hearing back from you. Regards, GM Kairun NCSOFT Support Team GM Dokumo March 07, 2019 04:12 Hello there, I have tested this on our end and the Soulshot(R-grade) is working as intended when the Bloody Amaranthine Fighter is equipped. For us to further investigate this issue, kindly provide more information as stated previously by GM Kairun. Upon receiving your answer, we will be continuing with the investigation. Your patience and kind understanding is much appreciated. We will be waiting for your response. Regards, GM Dokumo NCSOFT Support Team GM Buuj Friday at 19:39 Hello, We have tested this on our end. However, we're unable to encounter any issue with using the Soulshot. I advise to please hover your mouse on your Soulshot and you will see that you soul shot count decreasing. Also, please try to compare the damage of your character when the Soulshot is active and when it is not. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. Furthermore, if you have any other information you think that may help us, please don't hesitate to update this ticket. If this is not the issue you are reporting, please let us know. Regards, GM Buuj NCSOFT Support Team
  2. Red Libra?

    Any info about next libra??
  3. Can you plz fix this bug with soulshots? It's very annoying